Adjustable Sit or Stand Up Computer Desks – An Ergonomic Alternative to Traditional Desks

“Sitting is the new smoking” is a phrase that’s been used recently when discussing the health of those who work in offices. Sit Stand Desks, also known as standing desks or adjustable desks, allow the user to sit and stand periodically throughout the workday.  The desk moves up and down to the adjusted height with the touch of a button or in some cases by way of a small crank. Sitting for extended periods has been known to cause health concerns, a few are listed here.  The option to stand while working can improve circulation, alertness, muscle tone and provide a host of other benefits. We have featured a few models of these standing computer desks available here on our website. If you don’t see the particular type of standing station you’re looking for, call or text us and we’ll be glad to help zero in on what you have in mind.

We offer delivery, setup and installation of these desks and all of our products. In addition, we have height adjustable chairs to compliment your sit stand desk. Call, text or email and we’ll be glad to help.

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