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Phoenix Data Safes

Phoenix DataCare Safes are specifically designed for unrivaled data defense with first-class protection against fire and water damage, as well as superb security and privacy options:


  • Class 125 fire resistant for all media types, including CDs, 8mm and 4mm cartridges, digital linear tape (DLT), linear tape-open (LTO), and removable hard drives at temperatures ranging from 1700-1859 degrees F.
  • Resists explosions of up to 2000 degrees F.
  • Impact resistant for 30-foot drops.
  • Tested to make sure that seals and fireproofing insulation withstand typical amounts of debris that fall during a fire.
  • Pick-resistant key lock, seven-pin, dimple-key locks offer privacy and extra security.
  • “Water-resistant” designed using internal seals and double-door construction to prevent water damage from fire hoses and sprinklers.
  • Warranty 2 years parts & labor.
  • The best feature of all – Free Lifetime After-Fire Replacement.


  • The Phoenix 2001 Media Safe is .26 cubic feet. It weighs 108 pounds. External dimensions: 16.5″ H x 13.875″ W x 17″ D. Fire protection up to 1 hour. List price $895.
  • The Phoenix 2002 Media Safe is .58 cubic feet. has 2 shelves and 1 drawer. It weighs 238 pounds. External dimensions: 23.65″ H x 18.5″ W x 18.5″ D. Fire protection of up to 2 hours. List price $2243.
  • The Phoenix 2005 Media Safe is 1.22 cubic feet and weighs 322 pounds. External dimensions: 32.125″ H x 20.5″ W x 20.5″ D. Fire protection of up to 1.5 hours. List price $3171
  • The Phoenix 2003 Media Safe is 2.8 cubic feet. It weighs 585 pounds. External dimensions: 30.5″ H x 27.25″ W x 28.5″ D. Fire protection of up to 2 hours. List price $4140.


At Office Furniture EZ, we offer fire safes as significant discounts off of the list price. Contact us for a quote and we’ll prepare a custom price proposal for you for any of our fire safes along with delivery/pickup, optional placement assistance, and applicable taxes.

Delivery & Shipping Options

  • Free Curbside Pickup at our Denver Area showroom.
  • Denver Metro Delivery and Placement offered for a nominal fee – contact EZ for a quote.
  • Shipping outside of Metro Denver – contact EZ for a quote!

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