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How to Respond to Google Reviews

In today’s digital world, Google Reviews are a big deal for just about every kind of business. People use them as part of their selection set for buying and they can make or break your reputation. They also impact your rankings when people search for you online. They’re an important part of your business. Here is a guide on navigating this part of your company’s branding efforts.

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Be Proactive and Keep an Eye Out: Ask for reviews and check your reviews often. Set up alerts so you’re on top of new ones.

Say Thanks: Acknowledge every review, good or bad. A simple “Thanks for taking time out to share your perspective. We’re so glad you’re pleased with your purchase.” shows you care.

Be Personal: Make your responses genuine. Address reviewers by name and reference their feedback. Also, invite them to call with questions or future needs.

Stay Cool: Keep your cool, even with negative reviews. Stay professional and courteous. Mention that you’ll reach out offline to partner on a resolution.

Fix Problems: Use negative reviews as a chance to improve. Address issues and offer solutions. Discuss opportunities for improvement with your staff.

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Share the Love: Showcase positive feedback. Express gratitude and encourage others to share their experiences. Feature good comments on social media. Also, use it to praise your team.

Go Private: Some issues are best handled offline. Offer to chat privately to resolve sensitive matters and don’t air dirty laundry in public. Those who read reviews understand that no everyone will be happy, therefore it’s crucial to show you’re attentive, caring, and willing to put forth effort to resolve the concern.

Follow Up: Check back after addressing concerns – because it shows you’re committed to making things right.

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Look Around: Take a peek on Facebook, Yelp and other review sites and keep your responses consistent across platforms. It reinforces your brand identity.

Learn and Grow: Use feedback to navigate your market. What people are saying (good and bad) is a direct reflection on your product or service. What can you learn? What can you use strategically?

In a nutshell, handling Google Reviews is about engaging with your customers, showing you care, and using feedback to get better. Keep it real, stay cool, and keep growing. Here at Office Furniture EZ, we love hearing from our customers and we’re proud of our reviews.

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