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How can I block out noise in an office?

Unwanted sounds in an office can cause distraction and even anxiety for some workers. But how do you block out noise in an office? One way is to get a white noise machine. What?! Using noise to block out noise? Yes – this is actually a strategy used by businesses all around the world.

What is White Noise?

The scientific definition is a combination of sounds that includes equal frequencies between 20 and 20,000 Hertz. The everday definition is an unrecognizable sound that is often used to diminish other sounds. Many people describe it as the hum of an HVAC system, distant static or even rushing water.

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How Can White Noise Help in an Office?

In the workplace there are dozens of sounds that can cause employees to lose concentration or even become anxious or irritated. These include things like Outlook alerts, cell phones ringing, printers, the conversations of others, doors opening and closing, equipment running and more. White noise provides a blanket for these sounds, reducing their intensity.

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Reducing Anxiety

During Covid-19, an enormous amount of employees worked from home, where the noise levels were largely under their control. Now that team members are returning to the office, white noise can be particularly helpful in masking the sounds of a busy office. This can help alleviate the stress the team member who just returned to the office may be experiencing.

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Others Uses of White Noise

Some people find white noise useful for getting to sleep and staying asleep. At the workplace, it’s used to extinguish individual sounds and provide a constant, more pleasing and soothing sound instead. White noise is also very useful in settings where privacy and confidentiality are required. For example, in some courtrooms, the judge has a switch to turn white noise on during a meeting at the bench with attorneys. This prevents others in the courtroom from hearing the conversation.

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How Do You Get White Noise for an Office?

A simple search for “White Noise Machine for Offices” should point you in the right direction. There are considerations for things like square footage, timing, volume, existing accoustics and more – so we recommend you check with a professional to get a bid.

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