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How do I buy cubicles for my office?

A question we hear from many of our customers is, “How do I buy cubicles for my office?”

Preparing workstations for a team of associates can be a daunting task. You may look around your office space and ask yourself questions like: where do I begin, who do I call, do the same people who sell them to me also set them up, and many more.

Supply Chain Office Cubicles

We’ve been in the business of cubicles and other office furniture for decades, so allow us to help with some tips and ideas for you as you embark upon this process.

Questions to Ask Yourself When Buying Cubicles

A few things you’ll need decide before you contact anyone include:

How many people am I trying to seat immediately?

Do I have expansion possibilities? (Nothing worse than getting set up and then having to immediately modify and add spaces.)

What height do I want my walls to be (sitting privacy, mid-level, standing privacy, or enclosed)?

What’s my preferred material for the walls (fabric on top & bottom, fabric & glass, fabric & acrylic, or something else)?

Are colors and finishes important to me? If so, be prepared to discuss.

office cubicles - drawing

How much space do I want each employee to have (for example – 6′ x 6′, 6′ x 8′, 8′ x 8′ or another configuration)?

Do I envision people to be grouped in clusters or will they be in a row of cubicles?

What kind of options to I need (file cabinets, overhead storage, keyboard drawers, etc.)?

How soon do I need my cubicles?

Next Steps in the Cubicle Buying Process

Now that you have your vision better defined, you’ll want to enlist the help of an office furniture provider who also specializes in space planning. Typically this includes a visit to your business with measurements; a review electrical and structrual factors, ADA compliance checks, and other components.

After the visit you should receive a price estimate that includes all charges up front – materials, delivery, installation. The estimate should also include things like payment terms, date milestones, and warranty information.

Following this, you should be presented with a CAD (computer aided design) of how your cubicles will be assembled and placed in your business. This will give you the best preview of the finished product.

Computer Aided Design for Cubicles

At this point, it’s up to you to sign the estimate, thus triggering the beginning of the transaction.

Cubicle Caveats – Beware of These Things

Make sure you know if the cubicles you’re buying are used, refurbished/reconditioned, or new. While there’s nothing wrong with previously owned cubicles, you need to be aware of this.

If the office furniture provider doesn’t do an onsite visit, don’t proceed. It’s crucial to get proper measurements and review existing conditions.

cubicle measurements office

Cheapest isn’t always best. Do your due diligence on the office furniture company you’re considering if it’s your first go round with them. Check online reviews, ask to see examples of previous projects, and ask for references.

Ask about any potential supply chain delays up front. If there’s a possiblity that something can go wrong, plan for it. If you must have your workstations by a certain date, you may need to shift gears and go with a product that’s in-stock or available domestically.

We Can Help You

At Office Furniture EZ, we’ve sold, delivered, and installed cubicles throughout Colorado and the United States. We have decades of experience and our process includes a Free Site Survey for larger jobs or a Free Space Planning Appointment for small to medium sized jobs. Our pricing is upfront – there are no hidden fees to pop up later and surprise you.

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We have a network of trusted suppliers for new cubicles and we regularly cycle gently used units in and out of our warehouse.

While we sell desks, office chairs, conference tables and other office furniture – cubicles are our area of expertise. Look through our portfolio of projects to see examples of our work. Also be sure to check out our online reviews.


We work with all types of businesses, so whether this is your first time buying workstations or if you do it on a regular basis, we’re ready to serve you.

To get started, please call, email, or request a site visit.  One of our experienced professionals will visit your business, gather the needed information, and prepare a fair and transparent quote.

We are owner-operated so we get the importance of projects coming in at or under budget. We look foward to earning your business.

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