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used office chairs

What kind of used office furniture do we buy?

September 14, 2022

Office Furniture EZ is always on the lookout for gently used office cubicles, desks, chairs, tables and cabinets. We strive to have a good selection of both new and like-new items in our showroom for our customers to try out. We receive dozens of notifications from people who have used items for sale each month.…

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best office chair

What’s the best office chair?

August 20, 2022

What’s the best office chair? This is a question we get all the time. There are office chairs that cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars but that doesn’t make it the best – for you. The best office chair for you is one that keeps your body properly supported and comfortable throughout the workday.…

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How to say no

How to Say No

August 16, 2022

Time, effort, money, and other resources are precious. Sometimes people ask things of us and we want to refuse but it’s hard to say no. Here are some ideas for how to say no and still be polite and pleasant. Someone wants you to buy something their child is selling for an organization: Thank you…

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how not to get covid when on a business trip

How Not Get Get COVID on Business Trips

July 24, 2022

Even before COVID, business trips were often the source of colds, flu, and other sicknesses. Now that the pandemic has become a part of our everyday lives, travelers are looking for ways to safeguard against the spread of any kind of germs while on the road. Here are 11 ways to increase the odds that…

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microsoft teams

Tips for Looking Your Best on Microsoft Teams

July 16, 2022

With more people working remotely, Microsoft Teams usage has dramatically increased. This has left many employees doing searches for How to Look Your Best on Microsoft Teams. When you aren’t in the office 5 days a week, your persona is formed by what you present online. With Teams it starts with your personal profile picture,…

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How do I buy cubicles for my office?

June 26, 2022

A question we hear from many of our customers is, “How do I buy cubicles for my office?” Preparing workstations for a team of associates can be a daunting task. You may look around your office space and ask yourself questions like: where do I begin, who do I call, do the same people who…

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Sunday Scaries - at home

The Sunday Scaries

June 10, 2022

What are the Sunday Scaries? The Sunday Scaries is the name given to describe a phenomenon experienced by American workers on Sundays. For many, the word “scaries” refers the feelings of dread, angst, and fear of returning to work. For others, this time represents sadness, that their weekend and free time have, once again, come…

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office chair fun facts

Office Chair Fun Facts

May 24, 2022

The office chair is the single most common piece of furniture in a home or business workspace. Here are some interesting office chair facts to consider as you shop for your new seat. The word “chair” originates from the Latin word “cathedra,” which means “sit down.” The average person sits for over 2,200 hours each…

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really good interview questions

Really Good Interview Questions

May 13, 2022

You’ve got a candidate coming in today for an interview. Will you ask the same old set of questions? Tell me about yourself. List 3 of your strengths and 3 of your weaknesses. What is your greatest accomplishment? While the questions listed above will help you get to better understand the personality of your candidate,…

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Two Person Reception Desk

What Should Be In a Reception Area?

April 18, 2022

A question we often get asked is, “What should be in a reception area?”. This area of your business is crucial. While it may not be where all of the productivity and output occurs, it has an important role. Your reception set is where people who walk through your doors draw their first impression of…

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