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Where Do Used Cubicles Come From?


Our Used Cubicles Come From Denver Area, Greater Colorado & National Businesses

We receive offers from all over Denver, Greater Colorado and even the United States to buy used cubicles. Rest assured, we actually politely pass on most of the units we see. When it comes to reselling cubicles, we are extremely picky. We like to say that if it’s not like new, it’s just won’t do. When buying used cubicles from companies or office liquidators, we only select those that are in excellent condition and can pass for new. If we see units that are mismatched, scratched, stained or otherwise flawed, we just don’t buy them.

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Why Do People Sell Used Cubicles?

People often ask, “Where do used cubicles come from?”. Many times, the units we offer are in such good shape, our customers want to know why someone would be selling them. Here are the most common scenarios that drive a company to sell their cubicles:


Downsizing their business

Closing their business

Relocating out of state/to an office with a different layout

Other reasons people sell their cubicles to us are:

Changing to a more open plan office layout for their organization

Cubicles have been in storage and they could use the space

Upgrading to all new cubicles



Are Used Cubicles a Good Way to Furnish an Office?

When people think of “used” anything, words like shabby, worn out, patched together, and even junky come to mind. This is not the case with our used cubicles. Many offices furnish their space with pre-owned panels, desks, chairs, tables and more. The main benefit is cost savings over new. Other benefits are that used office furniture is environmentally responsible, the items are all in-stock (no waiting for the manufacturer), you still enjoy name brand products, and we know how to install them (usually because we took them down in the first place).

How Do I Get Started If I am Considering Used Cubicles?

Office Furniture EZ is Denver’s go-to-team for new, used, and blended cubicles. We have put up and taken down thousands of cubicles so we know our business. Our goal for you, our customer, is two-fold:

#1 We want to save you money.

#2 We want to maximize the office space you have.

So, if you’re ready to open or expand and you’d like to explore your options when it comes to cubicles, we’d like to help! We offer a Free Site Survey that is designed to help you use every available inch of space you have. You can also call or text anytime. Finally, if you’re more of a hands-on person and would like to see our inventory in person, we’re open weekdays from 9AM to 4PM and we have used cubicles and other office furniture in stock.

Put our experience to work for you and save money!

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