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What’s the best office chair?


What’s the best office chair?

This is a question we get all the time. There are office chairs that cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars but that doesn’t make it the best – for you. The best office chair for you is one that keeps your body properly supported and comfortable throughout the workday.

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How do you find the best office chair?

It’s not likely you’d buy a mattress without trying it out. You spend a similar amount of time in your office chair – so you should start by trying it out. Visit a trusted office furniture store and test out the different chairs they offer. Check out the adjustments and ask lots of questions.

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How do I know what office chair is for me?

Start at the top. Not the top of the price scale, but the top of your body. How does your neck and head feel when you sit in the chair? If you notice discomfort, in your head or neck, make sure your monitor is positioned directly in front of you. The chair should be at a height that allows you to stare straight ahead without bending your neck.

If you have discomfort in your shoulders or arms check your armrest adjustments. They may be too high or too low. Your arms should rest gently on your desktop while your elbows are supported from the armrests.

Office Chair Adjustments

If your back gives you trouble after sitting for long periods of time, check to see if your chair has lumbar support. This is the area of the chair that supports the small of your back. Back pain sufferers should also make sure their chair has a seat-slider adjustment. This allows you to move the seat forward or backward, depending on your body size and type. Finally, check on the backrest angle. An upright position is ideal for the workday.

Back Pain

If you notice pain, numbness, or tingling in your legs, the problem can often be allieviated with a tilter adjustment on your chair. This feature allows you to slightly adjust the angle of the seat of your chair, taking pressure off your upper thighs. Your chair should also be set at an overall height so your feet can be placed flat on the floor.

How Much Does a Good Office Chair Cost?

A proper office chair is cruical to ergonomic health. While you don’t need to spend thousands to get a good chair, you should invest in a proper chair. A $99 chair from Amazon probably isn’t wise, while a $2000 loaded gaming chair is probably overkill. A chair between $300 and $600 should offer the adjustments noted above. Office chairs in that range should also be aesthetically pleasing and be built to last.

Can I Buy a Good Office Chair Online?

Absolutely – but as noted, we recommend you try it in person first. If you see something online that sounds like a winner, find a trusted local retailer and check it out in person.

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What Kind of Office Chair Do You Recommend?

We have a huge selection in-store to try out and access to even more. Here are a few examples of budget-friendly chairs that have advanced adjustments and are built to last. (Click on each one for details.)



Stop in our Denver Showroom and try our chairs. We’re open 9AM-4PM weekdays.

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