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What’s the Best Material For a Desk?

This is a question we are frequently asked. The best material for a desk depends on various factors such as your budget, style preference, usage, and durability needs. Here are some common materials used for desks, with laminate highlighted as a highly favorable option:


Pros: Affordable, available in many colors and designs, easy to clean, resistant to stains and scratches. Modern laminates are highly durable and can closely mimic the look of wood or other premium materials. A very common material for desks.

Cons: While less durable than solid wood, high-quality laminates can offer excellent performance and longevity.

Best For: Budget-friendly and versatile settings, ideal for home offices, students, and anyone looking for a balance of style and affordability.

gray laminate desk


Solid Wood

Pros: Durable, high-quality, aesthetic appeal, can be refinished.

Cons: Expensive, heavy, can be affected by humidity and temperature changes.

Best For: Traditional, rustic, and high-end settings.

Solid Wood Desk

Engineered Wood (MDF, Particleboard, Plywood)

Pros: More affordable than solid wood, lightweight, available in various finishes.

Cons: Less durable than laminate, can be damaged by moisture, lower weight capacity.

Best For: Budget-friendly and contemporary settings.

Wooden table on white background.


Pros: Very durable, modern look, often lighter than solid wood, resistant to moisture and pests.

Cons: Can be cold to touch, may dent or scratch, limited in style options.

Best For: Industrial, modern, and minimalist settings.

metal desk


Pros: Sleek and modern appearance, easy to clean, creates an illusion of space.

Cons: Can be fragile, shows fingerprints and smudges easily, can be expensive.

Best For: Modern and minimalist settings.

Glass Top Desk


Pros: Very affordable, lightweight, available in various colors, easy to clean.

Cons: Less durable, can look cheap, may warp under heat.

Best For: Children’s desks and casual settings.

Plastic Desk

Choosing the Right Material

For Durability: Solid wood, metal or laminate.

For Budget and Versatility: Laminate, which offers a great balance of cost, durability, and style options.

For Style: Solid wood for a classic look, glass for a modern feel, or metal for an industrial vibe.

Ultimately, laminate stands out as a top desk material choice for many due to its combination of affordability, durability, and design versatility, making it an excellent option for a wide range of users and settings. Is it time for a new desk for your home or work office? We have dozens of shapes, finishes and configurations. Stop in and discover your options. Need help with delivery and assembly? We do that too!

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