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What to Get Employees for Thanksgiving

What to get employees for Thanksgiving is an age-old question that HR teams, bosses and others in the company ask every year. What do employees really want for Thanksgiving is another way to consider it. Times change and with that, this list changes too. Here are the top 7 things employees want if a Thanksgiving gift is in order.

cash bonus

  1. A Cash Bonus. This one is tough for larger companies but cash is king.
  2. Friday after Thanksgiving off from work. If you can swing it, people LOVE a 4 day weekend, especially at the kick off of the holidays. Can’t do a whole day? Consider even a half-day to help them get a head-start on what they want to do. Also, they can use a half day of PTO to create a full day off.
  3. A Coupon for One Day Off to be used at a later date. This allows you to give everyone a day off without shutting down operations on Friday after the holiday.
  4. A Grocery Store Gift Card. Financial times are tough. This is a thoughtful gift to help with holiday meals. In the old days, companies gave employees a turkey. Think of this as the 2023 turkey. If you have remote workers, be certain to use stores in their area.
  5. A Meal with Colleagues. A gathering of the team to break bread ahead of the holiday is a nice touch. No need for turkey as many will be having it in the days ahead. Sandwich platters, Italian, salads or other comfort food is welcome. Pro Tip: It’s a busy time of year for everyone. Consider providing the whole meal in lieu of asking people to prepare a dish to pass.
  6. A Gas Card. Thanksgiving is a common time to travel. In times where things seem to cost more, a gas gift card will be well-received.
  7. An Amazon Gift Card. Let them pick something they want!

gift cards for employees

The holiday itself is a time to reflect, express gratitude and enjoy the company of others. With so much of the employee’s time spent at work, it’s a special touch to give them something useful and thoughtful. In addition to the gift, a hand written note is always nice – something expressing your gratitude for their efforts and wishing them a happy holiday.

Thanksgiving Meal At Work

From all of us at Office Furniture EZ, we wish you and your teams a safe, happy and healthy Thanksgiving 2023!

Thank you note to employees at Thanksgiving

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