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What Should Be In a Reception Area?


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A question we often get asked is, “What should be in a reception area?”. This area of your business is crucial. While it may not be where all of the productivity and output occurs, it has an important role. Your reception set is where people who walk through your doors draw their first impression of your company.

You might say, “Well most of our customers are online,” or “The people who come in our store know us, they don’t expect a fuss.”. While this is true, in part, don’t forget about the rest of your constituents, including: new customers, vendors, visitors, potential hires, current employees, and more. Your reception area communicates your brand – and that includes the level of professionalism and service you provide.

All of that said, you don’t have to spend the gross national product of a small country on your office reception desk and other furniture. We can help you maximize your budget while still creating a professional, welcoming and visually appealing look and feel.

Without further ado, here are the components necessary to build a proper reception area in your business

Reception Desk With Employee Seating

The centerpiece of your reception area is the reception desk. Reception desks differ from standard desks in that they are usually larger, higher (so the person approaching the desk doesn’t have to bend down), and they often have a special place designated for transactions (paper passing, signing, credit card insertion and more). Considerations to make when looking for a reception desk include how many people will be staffing it, your floorplan and of course your decor and color scheme. We have a wide variety of reception desks suitable for small offices all the way up to desk sets for large corporate settings and most everything in between. We also offer a full line of ergonomic seating to coordinate with our desk options.

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Waiting Area Seating & Tables

In addition to a reception desk, you’ll likely need a place for your guests to wait. This area usually includes durable guest chairs and end tables. Covid-19 still has many people more comfortable in a setting where they aren’t right next to another person so configurations have changed. In years before Covid seats were usually placed in close proximity but now, designs have shifted to pairs of seats with a space or object like a table or plant between them. In addition to Covid considerations, it’s important to provide an appropriate seating option for those with medical devices like walkers or wheelchairs as well as larger people who might require a slighly larger seat.

waiting room seating

Signage & Artwork

A waiting room should include signage that helps your guest with directions, procedures, and very commonly asked questions. Wayfinding, mask policy, payment forms accepted are just a few examples. Artwork should coordinate with the business brand and interior color scheme.

wayfinding directional signs

Comfort Items

Special considerations say a lot about a business. You might stock your tables with a few magazines and a box of tissues. A coat rack, trash can, hand sanitizer dispenser and branded floor mat are also nice touches. The reception desk is a great place for business cards, coupons or flyers, and even a jar of wrapped mints.

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The person or people you place in your reception area are even more important than any of the furniture or fixtures. Your receptionist needs to greet your guests with a warm smile, a clear welcome and a professional, can-do attitude. The person must look and act in a way that conveys an image of professionalism and competence for your company.


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