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7 Tips for Uncluttering Your Desk and Organizing the Office


A cluttered desk is the sign of a busy person. It can also be indicative of a frustrated person who longs to be organized. If your desk is less than orderly, you’re not alone. Here are seven tips for uncluttering your desk and organizing your office space.

Uncluttering Your Desk cluttered desk

1. A picture is worth 1,000 words.

Take a photo of your desk from several steps back. You may be surprised at what jumps out at you. This method may also be eye-opening in terms of how you appear to your colleagues, clients and bosses. Take note of opportunities to remove unnecessary items as well as areas in the photo that could use some added organization. What works? What doesn’t? What stuff is just filling space?

2. Figure out your essentials.

These should be reserved for the desktop or the first drawers. Examples of these items are pens, a stapler, tape, flash drives, scissors, sticky notes and so on. Many people reserve a desk drawer for their personal items as well – including snacks, medication, toiletries, etc.

3. Look for opportunities for hidden storage.

Can you fit a small filing cabinet under your desk of less frequently used items? If that’s not possible, how about a small Rubbermaid container or photo box? Have you considered investing in a paper tray organizer, some magazine boxes or a desktop supply caddy?

4. Raise up!

A desktop stand up desk (aka sit-stand desk) serves another huge benefit aside from increased circulation and better posture. When you raise your monitor, keyboard, and mouse, there is space underneath where items can be placed. Of course, they will have to be moved before returning the unit to the down position, but the added space during the workday can help maintain a tidy work area.

Uncluttering Your Desk - raised computer and phone

5. Make your own organizational elements.

There are tons of hacks out there for organizing supplies, cords, and papers. Tame those cords gone wild with binder clips. Stack and glue mason jars to create a unique system for storing pens, paper clips, staples and other small items. Use photo boxes or decorated shoe boxes to create larger storage systems.

Uncluttering Your Desk organization hacks

6. Use your walls.

A bulletin board, pegboard or magnetic board can help with neatly holding and displaying documents or notes that you regularly reference. They’re also a great place to show off your personal photos or artwork.

Uncluttering Your Desk using walls for organization

7. End the day with a clean slate.

Before you leave your desk for the day, tidy up. It’s a great habit because it allows you to start fresh the next time you arrive for work. Not to mention, it’s daunting to get to the office and see a huge pile of yesterday’s work. Allow yourself the luxury of getting down to business unencumbered.

Uncluttering Your Desk - a clean desk

Office Furniture EZ has a number of storage solutions to help you get organized. We also have a full selection of convertible desks (aka stand up desks) to help you gain more desktop space. Finally, if you need help with a larger scale update or re-organization of your entire office, we will come to your location and conduct a Free Site Survey.


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