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Sit Stand Stations and Ergonomics


The phrase “sitting is the new smoking” has been bandied about in the professional world for over a decade. Now, some companies are even going so far as to purchase sit-stand stations, also known as variable height or adjustable tables, for their employees. But is there really a difference between sitting and standing desks, beyond personal preference and the notion of modernization? The answer – probably.

Multiple studies point to the negative impacts of being sedentary throughout the workday. However, the full impact of excessive sitting is still unclear and difficult to pinpoint due to the diverse workforce in terms of age, gender, body shape, and general health.

With that in mind, here are a few of the health concerns that are thought to be associated with sitting for extended periods of time:

  • Foggy brain
  • Strained neck
  • Sore shoulders and back
  • Heart disease
  • Over-productive pancreas
  • Colon cancer
  • Disc damage
  • Weak abs
  • Tight hips
  • Soft glutes
  • Low metabolism
  • High blood pressure
  • Obesity
  • Bad cholesterol
  • And much more!

sit stand stations

Photo courtesy of TheGreenDivas.com

Below we’ve pictured a typical sit-stand station setup; notice the proper ergonomic adjustments of the desk height and computer screen positioning. Office Furniture EZ can assist with setup, and we carry a variety of adjustable height tables, like this one.

sit stand station

Photo courtesy of DeskIdeas.net

Along with the sit-stand stations, companies typically include a tall, padded ergonomic stool so that employees have the flexibility to alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day. This eliminates time spent moving from standing to sitting and allows employees to remain focused on their tasks.

What’s Best for Your Office?

While the adage, “sitting is the new smoking” has been argued, bunked and debunked, there is still something to be said for the comfort and health of your employees in the workplace. If you have an open office plan, you probably already have an area where employees who prefer to sit or stand can choose to work.

If your organization leans toward the traditional setting of cubicles and smaller offices, you might consider standing stations where people can visit for short work intervals, meetings, or even lunch. As our workforce continues to evolve, it’s crucial to consider options that will benefit the long-term health of your most valuable asset – your team.

To learn more about sit-stand stations or how you can seamlessly incorporate them into your office setup, contact us today!

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