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The Psychology of Extra Time Off During Holidays


If Christmas Eve falls on a Thursday, do you give your team any time off? What about the Friday after Thanksgiving? Oh, and what is the best plan for when the 4th of July falls on a Tuesday?

A solid Employee Handbook will advise the employee of all paid holidays for the year, but is it good to give extra days off at certain times throughout the year?

There are many reasons not to do this – the main one being that there is a cost associated with being closed or operating with less employees. However, there are a host of benefits to doing this for your employees if it’s possible. Here are a few of the upsides to giving employees a little extra paid time off when holidays roll around.

Holiday are busy times – an extra day or even half day means a lot. Some people like to bang out their personal errands and then head home to hibernate. Others like to get an early start on road tripping to their destination. Then there are those who just like the extra time to be at home getting ready for the holiday or doing nothing at all.

Extra time extends the holiday. It feels like a holiday felt back when you were in school. Most people love this.

Additional hours off means extra time to recharge. An extra half day or day off may pay benefits upon the team member’s return.

It’s a nice reward for those loyal to your business. There are plenty of times when the employee stays late, works into their lunch hour, or problem-solves when away from work. A day off at the holidays is a nice way to pay some of that time back.

It gives your business a good reputation. When people get free time away from work, they tell others. This word of mouth can help to establish your company as a place that cares about its employees.

Doing nice things for people generates good energy.

Pro Tip: If you’re going to allow your team to leave early on the day before a holiday, give them a heads-up as soon as possible so they can make their plans.

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