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Returning to Your Denver Office After COVID-19


Returning to Your Denver Office After COVID-19 –  Tips for Making a Comfortable Transition Back to the Office

While some organizations have embraced working from home, others are eager to return their teams to the physical office. If you are among the latter, here are some tips to a smooth, comfortable and safe return to the workplace for your employees. 

Returning to work in Colorado

WHEN – Lead Time

Switching from working from home to working in the office can be life altering. Provide as much advance notice as possible for team members to make arrangements for kids, pets, or other responsibilities. If you only need some of your team back initially, consider asking for volunteers. Some people like coming to the office while others may prefer to stay at home as long as possible. 

Going back to the office - lead time

HOW – Communication 

Use FAQ pieces to cover everything from modifications to workspace to COVID-19 precautions. Sit down and think about what questions you’d have if you were an employee. In addition to FAQs, a video or letter from the CEO or company leader is a nice way to introduce the plan to the company as a whole. Then have team managers follow up with their groups on a more granular level. These methods will help employees get used to the idea, formulate questions, and prepare for the change. 

Return to Work FAQ

WHAT’S NEW – Office Furniture, Breakrooms, Touchless Entry

Part of the ongoing communication should be informative. Highlight safety precautions you’ve instituted (furniture, sanitizer, ventilation, split shifts, touchless entry and so on). If you’ve added barriers to your desks and workspaces, you may want to include some photos in the messaging to provide another layer of reassurance. 

freestanding screens and barriers

CONCERNS – Provide a Means to Discuss Individual Questions and Issues

While some team members may be un-phased by returning to the office, others may have concerns. Designate a department or person to field these concerns and provide feedback or resolution. Include a line in any communications about the move that goes something like this: As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your manager or Human Resources. 

going back to work - one to one meeting

FUN – Ease Back In

Your team members haven’t seen each other in quite a while. You may have even hired additional employees or had others resign. A move back to the office is an opportunity to break the ice with some fun and perks. Consider buying the team a healthy breakfast or lunch. Give everyone a welcome back kit (power bar, K-cup, hand sanitizer, sticky notes, new pen, branded gift, etc.). 

back to the office gift pack

If you’re already back in the office, congratulations! Keep those team members safe.

If you’re almost ready to return to your Denver office after COVID-19, we’re glad to hear it. Call us for any last minute needs in terms of both dividers or regular office furniture.

Finally, if you’re just starting to make plans to return to the workplace, we’re here to help! We’ll even come to you for a Space Planning Appointment. We’ll look over your office, listen to your needs and make recommendations on how to move forward most efficiently, considering cost, safety and of course aesthetics. Call today: 303-371-8787 or schedule online at: https://www.officefurnitureez.com/space-planning-appointment-request/ 

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