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Really Good Interview Questions


really good interview questions

You’ve got a candidate coming in today for an interview. Will you ask the same old set of questions? Tell me about yourself. List 3 of your strengths and 3 of your weaknesses. What is your greatest accomplishment?

While the questions listed above will help you get to better understand the personality of your candidate, they’re not entirely effective. They don’t require the candidate to think on their feet. They’re not unique. They don’t elicit specific examples that the candidate may not have been prepared to share with you. That kind of information is valuable when you’re considering investing in a new hire.

Here are 13 questions designed to make your candidate provide compelling answers and give you the insights that will aid in making a good hire.

#1  What’s something that’s not on your resume that you wish was?

#2  Tell me about a time when you felt like a hero at work?

#3  If you were going to write an article about this company, what would the title be?

#4  If someone wrote a book about your life, what would the title be?

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#5  Where do you get your news and information?

#6  What’s something you’re an expert at?

#7  Which is more favorable – late or over budget?

#8  Would you rather work 4-ten hour days or 6-six hour days?

#9  What’s something that you make time for?

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#10  Tell about a project you were involved in that was a colossal failure.

#11 What was your favorite job ever?

#12  The interview is for both parties to determine if this is a fit. What’s something you’d like to ask me as you consider working here?

#13  How did you hear about this job opening?

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Using some of these thought-provoking interview questions is likely to help reveal some competencies, traits and ideals of the person you’re considering for your open position. Above all else, remember that while it’s a good practice to ask tough questions, it’s never appropriate to ask anything that would make them uncomfortable. Topics about home life, religion, politics, race, and age are off limits (and illegal). If in doubt, don’t ask.

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