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Ouch! My tailbone hurts when I sit in my office chair


Sitting can be harmful to your health – especially if you do it for long periods of time without taking breaks. Tailbone pain is a common complaint among those who work in at an office desk 5 days a week and anyone who has experienced it knows it can be severe at times. So how can it be remedied?

The medical term for this condition is coccyx pain and it’s caused by falls, prolonged seating, childbirth, or aging. In an office setting, this condition can be brought on by sitting in a position where maximum pressure is put on your tailbone for extended periods of time. It can start as a dull pain followed by a sharper sensation when it’s time to get up.


Here are some ways to alleviate tailbone pain:

Get an office chair that has the ability to lean backward AND forward. This will allow you to move more freely at your desk and shift the pressure and weight placed on your spine accordingly. The feature you’re looking for is called seat pan tilt mechanism.

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A wedge cushion can help to some degree. It helps to move the body forward like the tilt mechanism in some chairs, although it’s not as adjustable in terms of mobility, it can provide some relief. This is also an option for seats with no or limited adjustability including car seats.

Get up at least once an hour. This sounds a lot more straightforward than it is. If you move about the office once an hour, the painful pressure being placed on your tailbone will be shifted when you stand. Your spine will realign and your circulation will increase. Isn’t all of this worth setting an hourly alarm on your phone? There are a host of other benefits from ensuring regular movement in the office as well, but we’re sticking to tailbone pain in this particular post.


Squeeze your butt. It sounds ridiculous and possibly even a little sketchy, but holding a muscular squeeze in your backside for a few seconds and relaxing. You’re trying it right now, aren’t you?

Move your legs while sitting. Alternate between fully extended legs, legs bent part way and legs held close to your chair. These small shifts in mass can help alleviate pain and increase circulation.

tailbone hurts stretch legs

Stand and stretch while at your desk. Moving your body helps with pain, blood flow, alertness and much more. Stand up and then touch your toes. Spread your arms out wide. Arch your back. Do neck rolls. These are all things you can do even if you’re in a small space or tethered to a phone.


Drink lots of water. It’s good for you and it will aid in ensuring you get up regularly to move (as you make your way to the restroom).


Consider a Sit Stand Desk! Sit Stand desks come in a variety of models, including hybrid models where there’s a split work area (sitting and standing), units that look like standard desks economy desk top risers, remote controlled desks and more!

EZ Sit Stand Desk Riser

Don’t try these things for tailbone pain:

Things that don’t work for tailbone pain include pushing your backside forward on the chair seat and sitting slouched, sitting on your feet or legs, or leaning on one knee above your desk. These postures are usually only able to be maintained for a short period of time and more importantly, they can negatively impact other parts of your body.


We sell ergonomic office chairs for all shapes and sizes. Many of our chairs have the seat pan tilt mechanism and many other adjustments to provide you with healthy, comfortable posture throughout the workday. In addition, check out our handy posture guide. Finally, if you have any questions about the best chair for your unique shape, size and posture, don’t hesitate to call or stop by our Denver area showroom. We encourage our customers to try before they buy and we’re here to help!

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