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Office Easter Activity Ideas – From Easy to Egg-stravagant

Have you been nominated to plan the office Easter activities and springtime fun? Fresh out of ideas? Well you’ve come to the right place. Here are several possible crowd pleasers for Easter at the office.

Easter Egg Hunt: Who says egg hunts are just for kids? Hide some eggs (chocolate or plastic, your choice!) around the office and let the search begin! Not only is it a great team-building exercise, but it also adds an element of surprise and excitement to the workday. Just make sure nobody finds eggs in the printer tray! Pro Tip: assign values to certain colors of eggs OR place notes inside eggs with prizes on them).

office egg hunt

Desk Decorating: Encourage team members to decorate their desks, cubicles and tables for Easter. From bunny ears to colorful eggs, the office will transform into an spring wonderland. Award prizes for the most egg-cellent display to inspire some friendly competition.

Easter Desk Decorating

Easter Potluck: Get everyone involved in the feast by organizing an Easter potluck. From jelly beans buns to carrot salad, encourage colleagues to bring in their favorite dishes to share. It’s a delicious way to celebrate the holiday and indulge in some tasty treats together. Pro Tip: it’s a nice touch if the company supplies the main entree (ham, turkey, etc.).

easter potluck

Egg Decorating Contest: Channel your inner artist and host an egg decorating contest. Provide eggs and art supplies and let the fun begin. Worried about mess? There are plenty of non-dye options for egg coloring.

office egg decorating

Easter Trivia: Test everyone’s knowledge of Easter traditions with a fun trivia quiz. From the origins of Easter to quirky facts about bunnies and eggs, it’s a great way to learn something new while having a good time. Crown the winner with a set of bunny ears and a chocolate rabbit.

Easter-Themed Dress Code: Encourage everyone to get into the Easter spirit by dressing up in their best pastel-colored attire or even as their favorite Easter characters. Whether it’s a fluffy bunny costume or a chic spring ensemble, embracing the theme adds an extra layer of fun to the day.

Easter Dress Code

Give Back: Spread the joy of Easter beyond the office walls by organizing a charitable activity. Whether it’s collecting donations for a local food bank or participating in an Easter-themed fundraiser, giving back to the community adds a heartwarming touch to the celebrations.

Make Your Own Easter Cookie: Order some plain egg and bunny shaped cookies from your local bakery. Ask them to make some pasartel frostings to go with them. Buy some frosting tubes as well. Set up your decoration station and let the magic begin. Pro Tip: this also works well with cupcakes.

easter cookies

Peep Eating Contest: Not much more to say. Here’s the crown for the winner.


Hop to It – Business Outreach: Make gift baskets of your products, services or general theme and deliver them to neighboring businesses or referring organizations. It’s a great way to stay top of mind and do something nice.

Employees often enjoy celebrations of the season as they provide a time to build camraderie and have some fun. Good luck with your event. We hope it turns out just egg-celent!

easter in the office

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