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Office Desk Return – Which Side is Which?


What is an Office Desk Return?

The office desk return is the part of a corner or u-shaped desk that attaches to the main section of the desk. 

L-shaped office desk

Why is it called the return?

The word return is from the days of manual typewriters. The user rolled the paper into the typewriter and then moved the carriage all the way to the right side. This was done so that the typing would begin on the far left side of the paper. 

Typewriter Return

How do I know which side is the return and which side is the desk itself? 

When shopping for L-shaped desks, also known as corner desks, you probably hear about the return. When seated at a corner, L-shaped, or U-shaped desk, there is typically a main section that is wider or larger than the others. It’s where you would sit for the main part of the day. The return is the part that would be considered the side. 

     Desk Return - Right

I’m right-handed. Which side is best for the return?

When selecting a new desk, the first consideration is always the space where it’s going to be placed. Some offices only allow for a return on a certain side of the main desk, so be sure to ask if the return can be on either side of the desk.

Desk Return - Right

Personal preference is also important when it comes to deciding which side will have the return. For example, if you’re right handed and you use the phone a great deal throughout the day, having the return on the left would be ideal. The reason for this is so you can grab the phone with your left hand, dial with your right, and easily take notes with your dominant hand without the cord getting in the way. Alternatively, if you’re right handed and you use a piece of equipment like an adding machine all day, you would likely benefit from a right return. The best way to determine which side is for you is to try before you buy – and see what feels best. 

Do you have desks with a left return?

Desk - Left Return

At Office Furniture EZ nearly all of our desks are available with a right or left return configuration. If not, we will recommend a similar product with the return configured to your preferences. Visit our Denver showroom to try before you buy. We look forward to your visit or call!

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