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Office Cubicle Furnishings


Office cubicle furnishings have come a long way from the days of a single desk, a chair, and a filing cabinet. Employers today can choose from a wide variety of styles of desks, chairs, storage items and accessories for team members who work in a cubicle. If you want to set your team up for success, here are a few ideas for increasing comfort and productivity.

Sit Stand Desks

Sit stand desks are a great option for employees working in cubicles because they offer the option to alternate between sitting and standing throughout the workday. We offer a variety of models of height adjustable desks that work well in cubicles.

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Mobile Filing Cabinet with Cushion

A mobile filing cabinet can serve a dual purpose. Of course it stores files and documents safely and out of sight. In addition, when paired with a cushion, it can provide a place for a visitor to briefly perch or place items down.

Mobile Pedestal Filing Cabinet

Wall Extenders

During COVID-19, wall extenders (aka dividers or barriers) have gained popularity. While they’re effective at slowing the spread of airborne viruses, they also provide privacy and even noise reduction. They’re available in fabric, clear, and frosted finishes so you can coordinate them with existing décor or allow for natural light to reach inner portions of your space.


Overhead Storage & Shelving

Overhead storage cabinets and shelves allow your team member to keep their desktop tidy. Binders, supplies, personal items and more can be placed in cabinets atop the cubicle and many come with doors and locks.

Cubicle Furnishings


One challenge with cubicles is that they can block natural light. If your employees prefer to work with their immediate workspace illuminated, in-cubicle lighting is available. It’s affordable and “EZ” to install.  Also known as cubicle task lights, they can be affixed to wood, metal, and laminate.

Cubicle Furnishings - Task Lighting

Keyboard Trays

Having a keyboard tray is a great way to free up desktop space and at the same time, provide the employees with a comfortable and ergonomic setting for keyboard and mouse usage.

Keyboard Trays

Dry Erase Boards

Although we live in a digital world, many employees still like to create handwritten lists, diagrams or messages. Consider adding a dry erase board to your team members’ cubicles so they can visually track their assignments and progress.

Glass Dry Erase Board

Chair Mats – Glass and Plastic

A chair mat sounds like a minor detail in terms of office cubicle furnishings but the ease it provides in terms of movement makes it essential. A glass mat may be the last chair mat you ever need while plastic options are EZ to transport and highly affordable.

Glass Chair Mat

Computer Monitor Arms

If you want to maximize desktop space, computer monitor arms are a great option. They hold the employee’s monitor or monitors up off the desktop and at the level of the natural gaze. There are several models, sizes and styles available.

Computer Monitor Arms

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