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Office Chair Fun Facts


The office chair is the single most common piece of furniture in a home or business workspace. Here are some interesting office chair facts to consider as you shop for your new seat.

The word “chair” originates from the Latin word “cathedra,” which means “sit down.”

The average person sits for over 2,200 hours each year – much of that in their work chair.

United States businesses purchase 16.5 million chairs each year. Consumers purchase 12 million additional chairs annually.

Charles Darwin was the first known person to affix wheels to his captain’s chair so he could scoot around his office and work more efficiently.

Charles Darwin's Chair

Thomas Jefferson pioneered the swivel chair and wrote the Declaration of Independence from it.

Thomas Jefferson's Chair

Otto Von Bismarck thought that the office chair would greatly aid in productivity so he introduced them to parliament during his time in office.


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