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Never Replace Your Office Chair Mat Again!


If you’ve ever purchased a plastic office chair mat, you know that the struggle is real. Those pokey things getting stuck in the box or your car… not to mention they’re big and bulky. And will this thing ever lay down flat?! Once you get them to the office and in place, they work great. Until they become cracked, yellowed and bent on the edges. Soooo, off you go to the office supplies store to get another one!

plastic chair mat

Let’s put an end to this miserable cycle and get you outfitted with a glass office chair mat! 

Here are 6 benefits of going glass!

They’re just more elegant. Nicer to look at, more impressive to potential hires, clients and your staff. No weird odors and now yellowing.

They’re smooth. No really, they’re very smooth. Your office chair will roll easier taking pressure off your back, joints, arms and hands as you move about your desk or cubicle.

They clean up nicely. After extended use, plastic chair mats start to display a sheen of rubber from your chair wheels, food crumbs, hair (let’s be honest), and other office debris. Glass chair mats aren’t porous so any mess can be wiped away (and sanitized) with a cloth and some glass cleaner.

They’re transparent. No dull gray or opaque squares under your office seat. Instead the carpeting or flooring is seen crystal clear.

They last and last. No more trips to the office supply store for you! Your days of wrestling a new mat into the car and then into the office will be over.

They’re tough. If you’re worried about dropping a stapler or other item on your glass chair mat and breaking it, don’t. They’re scratch resistant, made of tempered glass and many models can hold weight up to 1,000 pounds.

glass chair mats

What are the downsides?

So that’s the good news. With any product, there are downsides if you look hard enough. For glass chair mats, there is a bit more cost over plastic (to be expected). They are much heavier (but you only have to move them once). Finally, there aren’t as many shapes and sizes as conventional mats (but the basics are covered).

You may hear commercial on the radio or have seen ads online from makers like Vitrazza, Glaciermat and myGlassMat – so you know that others are already enjoying the benefits of easy rolling, durability and a gorgeous look. If you’re ready to upgrade something you use every day of your life, check out our new Glass Chair Mat for a fraction of the price of other suppliers. Roll on over to the glass side! You’ll be glad you did.


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