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Laying down on the job with Altwork Station


No, this person isn’t at the dentist’s office. He’s at work.

altwork station lay down desk

This is the Altwork Station is (we think) the world’s office desk that allows you to lay down on the job. It launched in 2015 with a $3900 price tag for the initial run and a $5900 cost after that. It’s designed for the “high-intensity computer user”, meaning someone who is uses their system for long stretches at a time such as a designer, writer, editor or accountant.

We know what you’re thinking. “How does his stuff not fall down on top of him?” The system is equipped with magnets for some peripherals and mounted arms for others. The unit is adjustable by way of a posture control system. The reviews are mixed. Many people report that getting in and out of the desk presents a unique challenge. Some never want to go back to a conventional office desk. Others said it made them too sleepy to work.

altwork station lay down desk

The Altwork company believes that office posture has been the same since employees were using typewriters, and thus it’s time for a change. While we agree with that notion, we’re not sure office managers are going to take this change (excuse the pun) lying down. If you’re not quite ready for this level of comfort, you’re not alone. We offer a great selection of: ergonomic chairs, sit-stand stations and stools. We also specialize in cubicles – including delivery and installation.

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