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Huddle Room vs. Touchdown Space


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Today’s Office Furniture Needs

What is a huddle room, what’s a touchdown space? The answers to these and other burning questions will be addressed in this blog.

Today’s office is taking on a much more varied look and feel than the times of rows of cubicles, a single conference room, a few offices and a lunchroom. People are working hybrid shifts – some days in the office and some at home. Others are working differing hours on flex plans. Finally, there are those employees who pop into the office at the beginning of the day before hitting the road for presentations or meetings.

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Accommodating these different roles takes some office furniture strategy. Enter Huddle Rooms and Touchdown Spaces. By the sounds of these terms, it seems like we might be playing some touch football in the office. Maybe later. For now we have to work on creating some productive workspaces.

Huddle Rooms

The definition of a huddle room is essentially a space where a small group of employees can gather to hold an impromptu or last minute meeting. The space is often a private room with a door. The room has a small meeting table and task or conference chairs. In addition, it has WI-FI, a speakerphone, and the capability to show a digital display. A huddle room is for those times when a work group needs to get together and hash out details, review the status of a project, discuss next steps or solve a problem.

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Touchdown Spaces

A touchdown space is for employees who may not be in the office for the entire day. For example, if you have a sales rep who pops in the office to gather materials and touch base with his or her supervisor before heading off to appointments, a touch down space is needed. This area is most often a small desk or table with a task chair, a dock for a laptop or tablet, and possibly some storage for collateral and light supplies. Touch down spaces are also ideal for quick collaboration between colleagues. Because more employees are working hybrid schedules of in-office time combined with working from home, touch down spaces are growing in popularity. The benefit to the employer is that one touch down space can be utilized by many employees throughout the week on varying days and times.

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