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How to Pick a Restaurant for a Team Lunch or Dinner

A nice meal is a great setting for a team meeting, gathering, or celebration. But how do you pick a good restaurant for a team dinner or lunch? Here are some considerations for the person tasked with this assignment.

The Right Spot

You’ll need a place that has a table or better yet, and area that can accommodate your group. Look online at virtual tours and photos to see if the restaurant you’re considering has a room, porch or corner where you can meet and then call to inquire. Ask about noise levels to make sure you’ll be able to hear one another.

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Local Flavor

Are some of your guests from out of town? If so, consider a local restaurant as opposed to a national chain. If your city has an attraction or something it’s known for, you could attempt to schedule your gathering where you’ll have a nice view.

Menu Options

Ask your group members if anyone has dietary restrictions, allergies, or foods they don’t eat. Look for a place that has a wide-range menu — things like salads, sandwiches, entrees, healthy choices, gluten-free foods, vegetarian and vegan options. If this isn’t possible, ask the group if anyone objects to a certain style of food such as Italian or Mexican.

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Make a Reservation

Don’t count on a restaurant having space when you show up. Call at least 2-3 business days ahead (a greater lead time is better) and request a  reservation. If you are hoping for a special area or room, be prepared to pay a small fee for this area.

Have an Agenda

Even though this team dinner is a fun outing, plan any discussion topics so you accomplish your goals. Even something like an idea exchange or discussion on biggest wins and challenges makes for a nice discussion.

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Be Mindful of Time

Keep your dinner duration reasonable. If you plan to have an extended dinner, ask ahead of time. Otherwise try to conclude your event within 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

Prepare Your Guests

Send everyone the restaurant name, address, phone number, menu and time of arrival. Parking details should also be included. You can also include a brief sentence on the company policy regarding things like reimbursement for parking, alcoholic drink ordering, and anything else that will ensure a good experience that meets company expectations.

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We wish you a happy, productive and successful outing. Remember to take photos of the group to share on the company social pages (if appropriate). For all of your office furniture needs, please shop our online or Denver location!


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