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How to Make a New Hire’s First Day a Success

You’ve secured the new hire and they’ve accepted. Their first day is on the calendar. How do you make a new hire’s day a success?

Here are some things that will help make your newest team member feel welcome and ready for success.


Call them before Day 1 to finalize details. Things like where to park, dress code, what time to arrive and lunch plans. This eliminates the guess work for them and it only takes 5 minutes on your part.

phone new hire

Make sure their workstation is set up and fully functional. (Note: Test it out even after you think it’s ready!)

Have their business cards prepared and on their desk. While they may not need them on day 1, it’s part of the coronation of a new hire.

Business cards

Get them a welcome gift of some kind. Some company gear is best – a mug, pen, stress ball, padfolio. No gear no hand? Flowers are nice as is a nice little stack of key office supplies.

new hire gift for first day

Plan a lunch for your new hire. Team lunches are preferred over one-to-one with the boss. Less stress and more interaction!

new hire team lunch

Allow time for breaks in the action. You might be tempted to dive in and try to jam all day, but the first week or so is a stressful time for many. Take it in chunks – both by breaking up the types of tasks you cover and allowing time for a break.

Give them a full tour of the office. Make sure to introduce them along the way.

office tour

Allow time at day’s end to visit on what went well. This is also a good time to answer questions and set a plan for day two.

Being well-prepared for a hew hire’s first day is a win for everyone involved. It presents the company in a very favorable light. In addition, it reduces stress by removing unknowns. This strategy also fosters open communication. Finally, it affirms their value to the team, the boss, and the company.

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