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How to Look More Professional at Work

If you’d like to look more professional at work, we have some easy tips for you. These are things that don’t take a lot of effort but that can really help to provide a boost to the image you project at work.

Set your email to automatically spell check messages before sending them out. Outlook has this feature and it’s simple to enable. It can even check your subject line!

spell check your email

Clean your device’s camera lens. When you partake in meetings, you’ll appear clearer and in focus. Use a simple soft cloth to gently wipe the lens.

Test your device’s microphone. Make sure people can hear you. Most meeting software has a device check feature. A simple Google search can provide step by step instructions for how to make a test call and check your audio and visuals.

Computer Camera

Tidy up your desk when you’re not at it. When you leave for lunch or for the day, take a moment to organize your space. Others pass by your area and will take note.

Project professional body language. Shake hands, hold doors, sit with your hands in your lap. Your visual message is half the battle so if you appear professional, people will think just that when they see you.

Professional at Work

Use professional language. Instead of informal phrases like yep, no problem, whatever, and uh huh – say things like of course, my pleasure, certainly and yes – thank you. Minor tweaks to the words you choose can make a huge difference in how you’re perceived.

Walk the walk – look professional. Take time to make sure your hair, make-up (if applicable) and other accessories are neat and appropriate for an office. Wear attire that is compliant with the company dress code and keep your clothing in good condition. Also, avoid wrinkled items, ill-fitting clothes or any printed messaging on clothes.

a group of professionals at work

Smile. A smile is welcoming and warm. It projects confidence and puts those around you at ease.

These suggestions don’t take a ton of effort but instead just a little attention and thought. We wish you well in your quest to project an image that will put you on a path to success!

a meeting of professionals at work

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