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How to Buy Office Furniture In a Supply Chain Crisis


supply chain crisis

If you’ve been in the market for office furniture recently, you may have experienced some unexpected delays or inventory concerns. At the time of this blog post, we’re still in the midst of a global supply chain crisis. Purchasing teams have vastly increased their knowledge of the supply chain and how to adapt to the “new normal”. The Coronavirus pandemic and now the war in Ukraine have wreaked havoc on products from overseas making their way to the United States and into the hands of consumers.

The current state of commercial office furniture manufacturing and shipping isn’t by any means a no-go. Here are 4ways to outfit your company with the cubicles, desks, office tables, and chairs needed to efficiently run your Denver business.

Order Early

We’re living in new times. If you want an exact brand, model and finish, you are best served by ordering very early on in your process and building in time for unexpected delays. You may have to get creative as to how to offset the gap between order & delivery by employing new strategies like leasing, running a hybrid office, or even adding another shift.

Consider Refurbished

Refurbished office furniture is quickly growing in popularity. It’s essentially furniture that’s been broken down, inspected, cleaned and updated, and reassembled. The process uses existing materials that are on-hand or easy to acquire. It’s good for both the environment and your furnishings budget. The end product is an item that looks and works as new, but is comprised of gently used parts & pieces.

Refrubished Cubicles

Buy Used

Used office furniture is a great way to save money and take delivery quickly on a host of products such as desks, office chairs, conference tables, filing cabinets, and especially cubicles. With used items, your product is already here in the US and ready to go. We regularly have these items in our Denver warehouse and we offer delivery if needed. The cubicles and other office furniture we sell has very light, if any, signs of usage. Our used inventory changes regularly, so shop early and often to get an idea of what’s available to you.

used office furniture

Embrace Multiple Brands, Finishes & Styles

Tough times call for creative measures. If you need to outfit an entire floor of cubicles, but you can’t locate enough same stock to accomplish your goal, consider a mix-and-match approach. Create sectors…or wings of your business using different colors and finishes.

We’ve worked with hundreds of businesses and can offer advice on how to coordinate multiple pallets into a single overall professional vibe.

For example, perhaps your accounting department has traditional beige cubicles while your sales team has gray with a red accent. In addition, you can construct a variety of meeting and gathering spaces using different types of furniture for different purposes.


Supply Chain Office Cubicles

You could use a high table and stools to create a huddle area for quick meetings and still have a traditional conference table and chairs for more formal gatherings.

Office Furniture in a Supply Chain Crisis

We Can Help

At Office Furniture EZ, we have a showroom and warehouse with both new and used cubicles, desks, office tables, chairs, files, bookcases and more. We’ve also got decades of experience in space planning. We will come to your business, listen to your goals, and create a no-obligation quote for your consideration. We have great ideas, we meet deadlines, and we know the imporatance of maximizing your budget. Schedule your Free Space Planning Appointment today and let’s get your furniture needs figured out!

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