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How do I start decluttering?

Clutter in the workplace or at home can be a stressor for many people. The sense of disorganization and loss of control often serves as a distraction. However, downsizing and getting rid of unneeded items can also be a pain point. People ask themselves questions during this process. How can I declutter? What goes and what stays? What if it’s all too much for me to do alone. Where do I even start

Here are some tips to reducing some of the “extra” things in your life.

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The Five Things a Day Method

This one is simple. Make a promise to yourself to select 5 things a day that you’ll either donate or discard. Keep a bin in your garage or closet and set a reminder on your phone or calendar. Even if you just do this before heading out to work in the morning, you’ll have 35 items a week addressed and almost 150 things a month out of your life!

The Three Box Method

This one is a good strategy for when you have time to look through quite a few things. Label one box “Donate”. Label another “Discard”. Label the last one “Brings Me Joy”. Place items in the boxes accordingly. This plan helps you to quickly discern what you want to keep and what you can live without.

The One In – One Out Policy

The idea here is that for every items you bring into your home or office, one has to leave. This keeps the hoarding down and the organization up.

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A Monthly Decluttering Day (or Hour)

This is a period where you call time-out from everything else and removes some of the things in your space that aren’t of use any longer.

Start Small

You don’t have to declutter your life in one day. Start by deciding a portion of a room, closet or desk that you’ll tackle. From there, focus on that. Take a photo on your phone and study it when you’re on a break at work or stopped in traffic. Think about what you would like to do with the space. Then adress it when you get home.

Declutter Stress

Remember to Digitally Declutter too!

Your devices can become catch-alls for old files, photos, videos, emails, texts and more. Make a regular habit out of tidying up this area of your world as well. It will help to reinforce your new clutter free, stress free lifestyle!

how do I start to declutter digitally

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