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How do I pick a desk color?

When picking a desk color, there are a number of factors to consider including the color of existing room and flooring, to productivity, to contrasting and complementing components. It can be a challenge but rest assured, Denver’s office furniture experts are here to help. Here is a guide to follow as you being the decision making process.


Room Color

Of course you want a desk that will complement the color of your room and flooring. If you have a white room, a white desk is seemingly the obvious choice, but you may want to contrast it with a dark desk. If you have a room that is an earth tone color, a brown desk may be a pleasing addition. If your room is brightly colored a gray desk is a solid selection. 

How do I pick a desk color?

Feng Shui

For those who have an interest in the value of color and the energy it provides, here are some of the meanings of colors as defined by the five feng shui elements, wood, fire, earth, metal and water. 


White Desks – Clarity and discipline. 

Brown Desks – Grounding. Provides a sense of nourishment and comfort. 

Office Furniture - Desk with Sneeze Guard


Black or Dark Desks – Introspective. Promotes concentration and open mindedness. 

Gray Desks – Like white, it provides clarity and discipline. 

gray desk

The latest desk color is Aspen (a light wood color). While there’s not a specific feng shui element, it is natural, earthy and pleasing to the eye. A nice balance to most room colors. Light and uplifting. 

Aspen Colored Desk

Parts and Accessories for Your Desk

Today’s desks combine different materials and colors. You can have a desk with a beautiful Aspen work surface but with black steel legs and white storage. You also can select the color of handles on your filing cabinet. There’s even a cushion (in the color of your choice) that can be added as a contrast element. There are so many possibilities. Need some ideas? Send us a photo of your space and we’ll be glad to suggest an idea or two for consideration. 

Desk leg colors

How to Get Started

Our selection for most desks, tables, and files or storage cabinets includes: white, Newport Gray, espresso, cherry, and Aspen. While you can get a general idea from these color swatches, the best way to be certain is to visit our Denver showroom and see them in person.


At that time, you can also examine some of the combinations that are possible and design a workspace all your own. We’re open weekdays from 9-4. Click here for directions or call 303-371-8787

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