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What are people doing for homeschooling desks?


Homeschooling desks hold a unique advantage over the kitchen table, a coffee table or even mom or dad’s desk. That advantage is a designated study space for the student. A zone for concentration, learning and growing. A place that’s all their own. Ugh, but another piece of furniture is expensive, big and nobody wants to go shopping right now.

We can help. Here at Office Furniture EZ, we have all kinds of solutions for work spaces – including office desks, online learning stations, and homeschooling desks and tables. Let’s start with the small children and work our way up to the teens.

Grade & Middle Homeschool Desks

One of the best options we have for grade school and middle schoolers is the Zumi Desk & Chair set. Why are they so great?

Zumi stacking desk

The #1 reason is that they’re stackable.

They are lightweight and EZ to store.

The Zumi desk & chair can be wiped down.

It has a school desk vibe.

They can be easily grouped or used as a single unit — perfect for learning pods.

Click here to learn more about the Zumi desks and chairs (sold separately).

High School Home School Desks


We have a nice small desk that’s ideal for a work space for your high schooler.

This desk comes in cherry, espresso, walnut and gray.

It features a 2 drawer file cabinet to keep supplies and books organized and out of the way.

This is our most popular desk for home schooling but we do have some others here.


One other option you may consider for your teen is a sit stand desk.

True to its name, this desk allows the user to alternate between sitting and standing during the school day. It’s a good option for a home classroom because it provides some variety. For example, when the student and teacher are meeting, the desk could be in the standing position as new material is discussed. Then, later when the student begins his or her assignments, the desk could be lowered into the sitting position.

Here is an affordable model that comes in varying sizes so you can select the best fit for your home classroom needs. You can also choose your color: cherry, espresso, gray, white or walnut.

standing desk - stand up position

If you need a chair to go along with these desks, we have a huge selection of ergonomic seating at up to 45% off the manufacturer’s list price.

home office chair

We’re located in Denver so if you’d like to try before you buy, we invite you to visit our showroom. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to call us. We’re here to help!

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