Healthcare Furniture

Primacare Seating by Global

If you’re a healthcare provider and you need furniture for your waiting rooms and offices, we can help. We are experts at both designing a look that will make a lasting impression and getting you the most for your money.

Our suppliers have dozens of options for color and fabric so you can build the look and feel that best portrays your brand – all at up to 40% off of the manufacturer’s list price.

Whether your waiting room has space for 5 patients, 50, or even 500, we can help. Call us today for information or complete our handy online form to request your Free Site Survey.

We welcome you to browse through this page to get a general idea of some of the items we have available: waiting room chairs, doctor’s stools, in-room recliners, cafeteria tables and chairs and much more.

We even have options for long-term care facilities including assisted living centers.

We’re family owned and operated so we take extra care in treating our clients right. Call now and put our experience to work for you.


Waiting Room Chairs

Welcome to our Healthcare Furniture section. While you’re here, you’ll find several ideas and suggestions to enhance a healthcare setting. We can help you measure and determine the best layout for all of your furniture needs. Most of our items are available in a wide variety of colors, fabrics, and finishes.
Global Primacare Waiting Room Chairs
Global's Aruba has a simple design for demanding environments
The Global Furniture Group offers a variety of fabrics and patterns to create your look and feel
Global Furniture's Strand series is the perfect synthesis of versatility, comfort, durability and value
The Global GC Belong brings a classy look to your waiting room setting
Primacare Modular offers exceptional comfort and replaceable components
The GC Belong waiting room chairs are a great addition to your healthcare setting
The Global Furniture Group's Aubra series delivers comfort and durability in the most demanding environments.

Exam Room or Hospital Room Guest Chairs

We offer a nice variety of exam room chairs, and hospital room guest chairs. They are stylish, comfortable, and durable. They’re intended for every day use. They are able to be cleaned and sanitized as needed.

Cafeteria & Dining Room Furniture

If you’re looking to update the cafeteria or dining room furniture in a medical or assisted living facility, we have many table and chair sets to choose from. They are durable, easy to arrange and designed for use with wheelchairs, walkers and other devices.

Global Floral Table & Chair Set
The Desmond Table Set by Global
The Global Tablet Table adjusts to any seating situation

Recliners & SleepersĀ 

We offer a variety recliners and sleepers for those who are staying with someone in the hospital. Comfortable and durable, they offer a caregiver, or visitor the opportunity for a good night’s rest while with their loved one.

Global Primacare Sleeper (closed)
The Global Dreme Sleeper is easily folded for quick storage
The Primacare Recliner is ideal for overnight in-room guests of all ages
Primacare seating is popular choice for any patient area or healthcare setting
Global Primacare Sleeper Chair (open)
The Global Dreme Sleeper is ideal for a patient room or lounge area
The Primacare recliner is ideal for in-room guests of all ages
Primacare seating is popular choice for any patient area or healthcare setting