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Great Things to Say to Your Boss

Want to be the best employee you can to your boss? There are some things you can say (and do) to signal you’re not just there for a paycheck, but that you’re a helpful teammate. Here are a few things you can do to help convey this message in your daily interactions:

I’m heading out soon, is there anything you need before I sign off?

This is such a nice touch. It’s upfront and dispels the notion of sneaking off, but it ends the day on a nice note.

This problem came up. Here’s how I handled it and here’s how it turned out.

There are some problems you can solve on your own. Loop the boss in after the fact on these so they know what happened in case it comes up in their circles. This also demonstrates your capabilities.

things to say to the boss II

Thank you for showing me how to do that. I’m glad to have that knowledge in my toolbox for next time!

Bosses are there to teach you new things. Acknowledge them when they do and say thanks.

I’ve prepared a short list of my questions for our flash meeting. I’m sending them to you ahead of time for review. Look forward to visiting soon!

This shows initiative. It also prevents your boss from being peppered with questions at all points of the day. Instead, they get a nice list. (Keeping in mind of course that these questions aren’t the type to hold up business.) An advanced list also allows the boss time to consider and even research the answers.

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I really enjoy this type of task. If there’s an opportunity to do more for of this, I’d be very interested.

Bosses can’t read minds. Share your likes, aspirations and goals. There’s no guarantee you’ll get your wish, but making what you want known definitely increases the odds.

Happy Monday! About to get underway. Anything I you’d like a hand with this morning before I start in on my list?

This shows initiative and partnership. There are times when your boss gets some unexpected work over the weekend or first thing on Monday. Offering to lend a hand could be just what’s needed to start the week off on a positive note.

things to say to the boss II

These tactical statements can help to build your personal brand with your boss and your company. They can also pave the way to both solid relationships and potential advancement. When you do get that promotion, may we suggest you treat yourself to a nice new manager’s office chair? Good luck!

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