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Different Types of Work Meetings


With any job there are work meetings galore. They come in all lengths, sizes and time periods. Here is an overview of a few of the most common types of meetings and what happens at each one.

Stand Up Meeting

A short meeting that is held on foot. The meeting doesn’t have chairs or a table so that it doesn’t go on for an extended period of time. Stand up meetings are often held in the morning to help motivate and focus the team.

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Catch Up Meeting

A scheduled discussion between two or more people who haven’t interacted in a while. The benefits include clarified information and stronger team relationships.

Flash Meeting

A spontaneous, unscheduled meeting with several people. These gatherings are typically unorganized, but they do serve the purpose of sharing important information.

Huddle Meeting

Very similar to a flash meeting. These meetings typically include most members of a team or project. The time frame is short and the dialogue is focused on immediate tasks.

team meeting

Status Meeting

A team meeting that is scheduled at different points during the lifecycle of a project. The purpose is to keep the project on task, manage any challenges all while fostering cohesion.


Typically a meeting with a manager and a direct report. This environment allows space for mentoring, directing and training.

one-on-one meeting


A meeting of people who have been assigned to complete a large project. Usually there is a chairperson who leads the group and each person has a specific assignment.

committee meeting

Team Meeting

Often a regularly occurring work meeting of people on the same team. The meeting allows them an opportunity to update one another on projects and interact regarding anything that’s needed to move forward.

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