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What to Consider When Purchasing Office Chairs


Not all office chairs are created equal. Whether you’re looking to purchase one chair or hundreds, there are some factors to consider before you finalize your seating selection. We’ve created a quick guide that includes eight tips to help you find the best chair for your budget while avoiding pitfalls that can negatively impact your comfort and health.

1. Adjustability

Almost all office chairs are somewhat adjustable but be mindful of just how many adjustments the chair has. If the adjustments are limited to only the armrests and overall height, you won’t be able to customize important components such as seat, backrest, tilt, head/neck support and more. We recommend a chair that’s at least five-way adjustable.

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2. Price

There are very cheap office chairs out there that will do their basic job – provide you with a place to sit while you work. However, these chairs typically don’t last, and they aren’t conducive to good posture. Do you want to buy a new chair every year for five years or make an investment in a good chair that will last five years? This question is a good starting point for anyone in the market for a new chair.

3. Fabric

Selecting the right fabric for your chair is like selecting the right material for your clothing. You want something that’s comfortable, doesn’t cause sweating, and looks good. Proper cushioning is also a factor. Some chairs even offer materials that help regulate body temperature and evenly distribute weight.

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While leather and designer cushioned chairs are attractive, sitting in them all day can cause you discomfort due to collecting heat and moisture. One rule to keep in mind is that mesh beats fabric. Mesh breaths and provides comfort and support. We offer chairs that have both a mesh seat and back for maximum coolness throughout the day.

4. Swivel Capability

It doesn’t sound like a big deal, but a chair that swivels moves with you throughout the day. A chair that doesn’t swivel means you need to move your body each time you change directions. Turning your body for a phone call, asking a colleague a question, answering an email… think about how many times throughout the day your focal point changes. A swivel base is a must.

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5. Rolling vs. Stationary

Much like the swivel feature, a rolling chair will greatly reduce strain caused by reaching for things that are just out of arms reach. When purchasing a rolling chair, be certain to determine whether the wheels can roll on carpet or if a plastic or glass chair mat is needed. Additionally, high-quality chairs have the ability to replace wheels after they begin to show wear.

6. Lumbar Support

Lumbar support is essential for back and neck health. The support mechanism should be adjustable so that you can match it to the curvature of your back and body type. Lumbar support promotes back health in terms of fatigue and can aid in more serious conditions such as Sciatica.

7. Overall Fit

Just like a pair of shoes or a mattress, your chair should be appropriate for your unique body. The backrest should be adjustable so that it supports your lower back, leaving no spaces. It should come to at least your shoulder blades and better yet, it should extend above the shoulders.

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If you want maximum support, get a chair with a headrest. The seat should be fitted by putting two or three fingers between it and the back of your knee. There should be space between the sides of the chair and your hips, so you’re not constricted. Lastly, the armrests should cradle your body so that your shoulders can relax without extending your elbows and your feet should be flat on the floor.

8. Try It Out

Testing your potential new chair is essential. When you sit down, you should feel supported and comfortable. The chair should allow you to be close enough to your desk and devices so that you’re not reaching or straining.

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Keep in mind that there are specialty chairs for big & tall individuals, people who have sit-stand desks, desks where someone is seated there 24/7 like 911 operators, and more. You need to select the chair that fits your body and the demands of your job.

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Office Furniture EZ Can Help

Whether you’re just looking for a new chair for your desk, or to supply your whole office – we have a selection of quality office chairs in stock to try before you buy. We can also special order from an enormous selection of chairs. We’ll assist you by determining your needs and the demands of your position. Call us today to get started.


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