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Can I Install Cubicles Myself?

In today’s word of YouTube tutorials, setting out to install cubicles in a DIY manner is considered by some as a cost-saving measure. While it might sound like a good idea, there are several reasons why you should leave cubicle installation to the pros.

Expertise in Spatial Planning

The pros know how to plan space. They are trained and experienced in maximizing office space withworkflow, accessibility and safety top of mind.

Safety First

Cubicles aren’t Legos. It might look like they’re easy to assemble, but there are many parts and pieces that need to be precisely placed, fastened, and tightened. You don’t want walls falling in on team members or loose desks.

Compliance with Building Codes

Local building codes and regulations must be followed when insatlling commercial office furniture. These codes are second nature to experienced installers and they help safeguard against potential legal concerns down the road.

Less Workplace Disruption

Attempting a DIY cubicle installation can result in a longer more complex process than when trained pros tackle the job. Having parts and tools spread around while your team attempts to work is not idea. Often best to leave the job to the pros who work swiftly and on a tight schedule.

Electrical Components

Cubicles have electrical components that need expertise during the installation process. It’s about much more than simply plugging a power cord into a wall. Set your project up for a one-and-done install by hiring a pro with electrical expertise.


Professional cubicle installers take time to study your office’s layout and at the same time, understand your needs. Hire a pro cubicle istaller and get the workstation set up you need – the first time around.

Quality Work

No extra parts, no missing items, no tears, rips or stains. These are a few things you’ll enjoy when you hire a professional cubicle installation team.

Savings in the Long Run

DIY definitely saves money out of the gate. But not when things don’t go smoothly or unexpected repairs crop up.

Can I install cubicles myself?

You know that feeling when you set out to do a big project and it just bogs down due to unexpected obstacles? Frustration sets in, it winds up taking longer than expected, and you may even have to call a pro to finish the job. Your time and your team’s time is valuable. Call a cubicle installation expert from the get-go and get back to what you do best.

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