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Bosses Day Gift Ideas for Remote Boss


If you’re a remote employee, you likely see your boss almost daily on-screen but rarely in person. That could present a challenge when shopping for Bosses Day, which falls on October 15th this year. Here are some Bosses Day gift ideas that are will make your supervisor feel the love (in a totally professional way of course).

A Mars Astronaut Snow Globe – Yes, it’s a bit expensive, but for the space-loving boss, it’s a winner. Maybe the whole team can chip in a few bucks each to have this delivered.  Speaking of cool snowglobes – here are some others that might work for different personalities.

Bosses Day Gift Idea - Mars Globe

Speaking of space, if your boss is a fan of the entreprenurial Elon Musk, you can get a Hot Wheels Cyber Truck for him or her. While it’s not the real thing, it’s sure to serve as a reminder of the cool employee who sent it.

bosses day gift - cyber truck

If your boss is a snacker, a box of Cheryl’s Cookies is a sure winner. They come in sizes (12, 24, 36) and each cookie is individually wrapped. Just be careful of any dieting bosses or those who aren’t supposed to have a lot of sugar. Take your cues from what you see on their desk in the way of snacks. Oh and they come in seasonal favorites – including pumpkins in October!

Box of Cheryl's Cookies

In keeping with the whole virtual theme, you could get your boss a custom cartoon profile picture of themselves. While there are some on Fiverr, you get what you pay for – so you may want to spring for a slightly higher end work of art.

custom profile cartoon images

If you want to go all out, you could get your boss a custom bobblehead of themself. However you need at least a month of lead time on something like this, so plan ahead and be prepared to pay a premium.

custom bobblehead of boss

Does your boss mention cooking? If so, an ocean cutting board might be the ticket. A great looking gift that he or she is sure not to already own and one of our favorite on the list of Bosses Day Gift Ideas.

ocean wooden cutting board

At Zazzle.com you can make custom glass drink coasters. You’ve likely seen your bosses screen background so you have an idea of their favorite things. You could secure a win the gift giving department by creating a glass coaster designed by you. Lots of room for ideas here – the company logo, their favorite vacation spot, an inspirational quote or the best design of all … black lettering on a white background that reads: WORLD’S BEST BOSS.

bosses day gift ideas glass coaster

Maybe you’re the boss and you’d like to get yourself something. Some Bosses Day Gift Ideas in this case include: a new ergonomic office chair, a sit stand desk, or a huddle meeting table for those on-the-fly sit downs. Alternatively, maybe you’d like a whole new workstation for your home or company office. If so, we can help. Call, shop online, or visit our Denver showroom. If you’re a remote boss as discussed here, we can arrange for nationwide delivery.


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