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Are Standing Desks Bad For You?

A question we often get from customers is, “Are standing desks bad for you?”. The answer is yes, they can be. We bet you’re surprised to hear that coming from an office furniture store that sells standing desks, also referred to as sit stand desks and height adjustable desks.

are standing desks bad

The reason we say they can be bad for you is that most things, if not done in moderation, run the risk of being unhealthy. If you have a standing desk, you should alternate between standing and sititng or perching throughout the day. The human body wasn’t designed to stand for 8 or more hours consecutively.

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The good news is that standing desks are designed to be raised and lowered throughout the workday! A common scenario is that someone begins their work day seated. Then when it’s time for their first meeting (in person or virtual) they raise their desk and take the meeting. They may leave the desk up until lunch time and lower it back down while they eat. They raise it back up after lunch to help them stay alert. In addition, there are even studies that suggest that moving around after a meal, even for a short time, can help alleviate health concerns.

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Sit stand desk users should plan to couple their height adjustable unit with an ergonomic office chair or a tall chair or stool. One of the best features of a sit stand desk is that you can lower it to the exact height that’s best for your body. Unlike standard desks, a height adjustable desk works for big and tall users, people under 5 feet tall, users with special equipment like wheelchairs, and more!

How to Use a Sit Stand Desk

So while using a sit stand desk all day, every day is considered unhealthy or bad, proper use has many benefits – including overall comfort and health. If you’re still wondering how it all works, we invite you to visit our Denver area showroom and try before you buy. We have units in stock and you can see firsthand if a height adjustable desk is right for you.

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