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Workplace Terminology Refresher


If your team has returned to your Colorado office, you are likely experiencing a sharp increase in workplace terminology heard all around you. If you’re out of practice, don’t worry! Here is a quick refresher – so you can be up to speed and picking the low-hanging fruit before you know it.

workplace terminology

Term: Ping Me

What it means: Contact me using the instant messaging system at work.

What it really means: Please don’t call.


Term: Bandwidth

What it means: The time and energy needed to complete a task

What it really means: I don’t think I have time to do my job and someone else’s.


Term: Take It Offline

What it means: Let’s discuss this privately, after the meeting.

What it really means: Let’s stop talking about this now and maybe later too.


Term: Cascade

What it means: Passing information from the top levels of management downward through the organizational chart

What it really means: It’s our hope that this message just sort of works its way around the company.


Term: 30,000 Foot View

What it means: A general understanding of an event or project

What it really means: This is my impression of the project after I skimmed the details.


Term: In This Space

What it means: In our area of business

What it really means: In the place where we should know what we’re doing


Term: Actionable Items

What it means: The responsibilities of the team

What it really means: A giant group to-do list


Term: A Deck

What it means: A completed PowerPoint presentation

What it really means: I’ve heard others calling it this and it sounds cool.


Term: It Is What It Is

What it means: We need to accept what’s happening.

What it really means: This wasn’t good. I’m now trying to switch topics.

It is what it is mug

Term: Runway

What it means: How long we have to complete a project

What it really means: We might not have as much time as we think to get this done.


Term: Heavy Lifting 

What it means: The most difficult aspects of a project.

What it really means: The parts of a project that no one wants to complete on their own.


Term: Wordsmithing

What it means: Heavily editing existing copy

What it really means: This needs to be totally re-written.

Workplace Terminology

These terms work well in virtual meetings as well as at in-person gatherings. If you’re familiar with all of these terms and more, you’re probably ready for the next step. Workplace Terminology Bingo! Download our free bingo card here.

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