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What’s an appropriate gift to give my boss?


The gift-giving season is upon us and one of the most challenging people to buy for can be your boss. You want to give them something that will make a good impression but isn’t too expensive or outlandish.

Here are some general rules to follow when shopping for your boss.

It shouldn’t be anything that touches their skin. Too hard to size, too personal, possibly improper.

No booze. The boss might love it, but it could be against company policy. It also might send the wrong signal when the boss takes it home.

Nothing over $40. Ideally it’s in the neighborhood of $15 to $20. (If you’re a VP and you’re buying something for the CEO, obviously aim much higher.)

Nothing off-color or political. You’re giving a gift, not trying to start a debate at the office.

No self help books.

No personal hygeine products.

bad gift idea

Here are some ideas that are appropriate in terms of content, cost and message:

Coffee mug with candies inside

Small desktop talking piece (Magic 8 Ball, sand garden, small fake plant, figurine

Retro/flavored soft drinks

Tervis Tumbler


Space heater or fan (inexpensive model)

Business card holder

Unique paperweight

Gift for Boxx

appropriate gift for boxx

The whole idea of a gift for your boss is to express gratitude for the professional relationship you share. It’s the thought that counts.

PRO TIP: When you give the gift is also important. Don’t walk up to your boss while they’re in a conversation or when others are present. Instead, consider waiting for a time when you’ll meet with them one-on-one. If that’s not possible, call or email and ask if you can stop by their office for a moment.

Good luck and Merry Christmas!

a gift for a boss

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