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What kind of used office furniture do we buy?


Office Furniture EZ is always on the lookout for gently used office cubicles, desks, chairs, tables and cabinets. We strive to have a good selection of both new and like-new items in our showroom for our customers to try out.

We receive dozens of notifications from people who have used items for sale each month. People often ask, “What do you look for in used office furniture,” or, “What do and don’t you buy?”.

used office chairs

Here’s what we look for when considering buying your used office furniture:

Used Office Furniture Locally Available

Shipping costs only add to the final cost that we have to pass along to the consumer. We always try to help our clients maximize their budget and that means keeping all costs down, including shipping. If we buy some really terrific desks from New Jersey, we have to pay to have them shipped to our warehouse in Colorado where we will carefully inspect them and prepare them for sale. In addition, the cross country trip is sometimes unkind in terms of wear and tear or damage to the product. For these reasons, we always look for used furniture here in the Denver metro first, then statewide, then regional and then national. At this time, we don’t buy any used items from international sellers.

Denver Colorado

Pre-Owned Office Furnishings in Like New Condition

If it’s not like-new, it just won’t do. In the majority of cases, we only consider items that look like they’re new at first glance. Our customer base consists of business owners (sole proprieter on up to national corporation) and generally they’re looking for new or items that are in excellent condition. As an example, we wouldn’t buy a desk with a notable marking or scratch on the top or a chair with torn fabric. Our used items go through a careful examination process before we offer them to the pubic. If you have items that are in condition that’s satisfactory, acceptable, or even good – consider listing them on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace or other sites where individuals look for bargains. (Please practice safe commerce – be sure to have a friend along for the sale and if possible, meet in public.)

Used Office Furniture That Companies Need

While funky sofas and gaming chairs are fun, we focus our office furniture buying on products like cubicles, standard desks, L-shaped desks, conference tables, office chairs, and filing cabinets. These are some of the essential office furniture elements that customers trying to seat teams need. Ideally, we seek multiple items of the same manufacturer and model so we can assist our customers in creating a professional, consistent look.

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Neutral Tones

Our first choice is always industrial tones – gray, beige, black and so on. These colors tend to work well with standard office decor. Usually when people buy used items, they’re looking for a quick but professional solution. We always work to set our clients up for a win and muted, neutral colors go a long way toward this.

Supply Chain Office Cubicles

Brand Name Gently Used Office Furniture

Naturally we love to offer our clients quality items at discounted prices. Some of our customers prefer certain brands, so when possible, we purchase top brands such as Herman Miller, Haworth, Steelcase, Humanscale, Knoll, Global, Cherryman, Offices-to-Go, Performance and more. Unsure of the brand of items you have? That’s OK! Send a photo and description on our form and we’ll take a look.

used office furniture

We welcome all submissions for used furniture for sale here in the United States. We understand that businesses and individuals are striving to get the most out of their investment while minimizing the impact on the environment. Our goal is to buy used items that are in like-new condition. We inspect and clean the items and then offer them for sale to our clients who are in search of quick and inexpensive furnishings for their business. Of course, we also sell new items direct from the manufacturer. How can we help you today?



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