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Unique Office Activities


Spending 8 hours a day with your co-workers does indeed make you a work family – whether happy, somewhat happy or a “leaning dysfunctional”. Team building through unique office activities can help to build camaraderie and foster better communication … but what are some good things to do with a work group?

Work group events can be rewarding and meaningful time spent and they can also be awkwardly uncomfortable runaway trains. Here are some unique ideas to help bring cubicle and office occupants together – categorized in three categories based on budget.


Highly Affordable Office Activities

Office Olympics

Team Scavenger Hunt

Grown Up Show & Tell 

Spirit Week

unique office activities office olympics

Medium Budget Office Activities

Group painting class

Cooking class

Escape Room

Community Service Project

A tour of a local landmark or facility


unique office activities cooking class

Higher End Office Activities

A boat charter

Catered dinner for employees and spouses

A private tour of an art gallery

A professional sporting event


unique office activities - art gallery tour

Office Activities to Avoid

Events that require bathing suits

Events requiring athletic talent

Activities that call for sharing personal experiences

Activities that pair people off into groups or 3 or less

Anything that has the potential to cause injury


unique office activities elephant in room

The whole notion of activities is usually to place people in settings where they have the opportunity to experience things together and talk openly about topics other than work. Trust Falls and Potlucks were the norm, but today’s employee sometimes expects more. This list is intended to provide ideas and foster additional thoughts on how to bring your team together for some fun and bonding.

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