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How to Stop Caring So Much About Your Work


Being productive at work is something that everyone should strive for in their professional lives. For some, the focus on work can become imbalanced — sometimes seeping into one’s personal life. So how do you stop caring so much about your work?

Home Life is #1

Your home life is the reason you work. A job is how most people pay for their lives. With that in mind, your home life should be #1. We love this sign as a reminder.

how to stop caring so much about work


Your company is paying you for your expertise and ability. While you do need to put in an honest day’s work, that doesn’t mean a 10, 12 or even 14 hour day. If you work in an office, set an alarm on your calendar app for a 15 minute warning ahead of your stopping time so you can tie up any loose ends. If you work at home, do the same and make an effort to leave the area where your home office desk is located.

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Daily Goals

Many professionals indicate that they work all day and don’t accomplish the tasks they set out to complete. Establishing a list of planned accomplishments for the day is a good strategy, but allow for unexpected meetings, calls, and priority shifts. Make your list and then draw a line where your must-do section ends and the tasks that can push until the next day begin.

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Seek Feedback

If you’re feeling like you aren’t doing enough, ask your boss for feedback. Now, don’t frame it that way, but instead, ask something like, “Is there anything you’d like me to focus on this week?” or “Do you have a few moments to discuss our priorites in the weeks ahead? I want to be sure I’m aligned with what’s needed.”

Focus on Personal Life

Work will always be there and guess what else? Work will never be done. There’s always more work. If not, your company is likely on the verge of closing. With this in mind, make plans for fun events with your family or friends. Put things on the calendar and request time off. Not into extended planning? Well, request time off and see where the day takes you. Spend the day shopping, running errands, having lunch with a friend, or just stay in bed all day. It’s your call – you’ve earned it.

Acknowledge What You Can’t Control

If you’re part of a project that is dependent upon everyone else doing their part and they don’t, that’s not on you. If you’ve done your portion and it’s quality work that’s finished on-time, you held up your end of the responsiblities. Don’t let your mind take on the worry of factors you can’t control. Keep moving forward.

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Remember That Work = A Variety of Things

Maybe you’d planned to finalize a bunch of projects but instead you got invited to a calls that lasted most of the day. Or perhaps you were asked to drop everything and head out to a location to host some visitors. You did the work that your company asked that day. It may have differed from what you’d set out to do, but you contributed to the mission in a way you were asked. Be OK with that and recalibrate your projects accordingly. (Do loop your boss in if needed so expectations are kept in check.)

Above All Else – Self Care

Take care of you & yours (also known as self care). In order to be an impactful team member, you need to be healthy. Get plenty of rest, eat right, exercise, and unplug.

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