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How do you stay warm in a cold office?


Whether it’s winter or summer, some offices are just plain cold. How do you stay warm in a cold office? Well, while we sell cubicles and desks, we also have some tips on how to warm up with the temps are down. 

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Get a space heater

We’re going to start off with this tip with a bigtime warning. Make sure your company policy doesn’t forbid this. Space heaters can be dangerous, so some companies just don’t allow them. If your company is open to this, you may want to purchase one that is small and doesn’t draw a large current. You don’t want to trip the breaker and cause the office to go dark. Another tip – place your heater by your feet so they warm first as the hot air rises. Also, always turn your heater off when you leave your desk for lunch or for the day. 

Heating Pad

A heating pad is a great way to stay toasty in the office. It’s flexible so you can put it on your lap, under your feet, against your office chair back rest, or on your chair seat. One downfall to using a heating pad is that some people report that they get so cozy and comfortable that they actually become a bit drowsy. With that in mind, you may want to use your pad sparingly at the office. 

Gloves With Open Fingertips

Cold hands are a common complaint at the office. Mittens are a no-go for most people because you need your fingers and thumbs to type, answer your phone, and complete other tasks. Well a great solution to this age-old problem is fingerless gloves. They come in a variety of colors and styles … something for everyone (with cold hands). 

Blanket (Including Electric)

A blanket is a no-brainer. You can drape it over your legs and feet while you work, keeping yourself warm, or you may prefer to cover your back and arms. Pro-Tip: Don’t get a blanket that sheds or leaves pills. You don’t want your work clothes to look like you slept in them. 

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Heated Footrest

Believe it or not, this is a thing. No really. You can buy a footrest is specially designed to keep you toasty. This might be a nice way to get around the rules in a “no space heaters allowed” office. 

foot rest for cold office

Get Up!

Activity helps you stay warm by getting your blood moving. Double your efforts by walking to a warmer area of the building for a short break. 

walking to warm up at a cold office

Layers of Clothes

Some offices have temps that fluctuate wildly. If you work in one, we suggest layering your clothing so that you’re prepared for anything. Also, it’s a great idea to keep a spare shirt in your desk drawer so that you’ve got an extra layer if it’s unexpectedly cold … or in case of spills.


While we don’t sell heaters or fingerless gloves, we are experts in office furniture. We’ve got a showroom full of desks, office chairs, meeting tables, and cubicles in Denver so stop in and try before you buy!

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