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Halloween Costumes for Work – 2022


If your workplace allows team members to wear costumes, we’ve got some ideas for you! Side note – if so, check out this blog entry for some fun ideas. OK, onto the costumes!

Halloween costume at work

Here are our costume picks for Halloween 2022 at work

*As always, remember that workplace costumes should be within the parameters set by your employer. If in doubt, ask your supervisor or the organizers of the event. (We don’t want anyone to get in trouble!)

The Mona Lisa

Classic, elegant and fairly certain you’ll be the only one wearing this. Available at the time of this blog on Amazon.com.

Mona Lisa costume

CVS Drugstore Receipt

Those annoyingly long receipts make a hilarious Halloween Costume. Get yours here.

Serena Williams

The greatest female tennis player ever retired this year. Why not honor her by going in one of her signature looks for Halloween? You’ll need a raquet, some tennis balls, and an iconic tutu. Don’t forget to practice your twirl!

Serena Williams Costume


This is perfect for couples, friends or anyone looking for a laugh. Craft the ice bags using plastic bags and plastic wrap and as far as the baby goes, we recommend a doll.


Talk to me Goose! What should I be for Halloween? Well, the sequel to Top Gun came out in 2022, so why not go as Maverick?

Topgun Costume

Marge Simpson!

Marge Simpson is a cultural icon and she has a pretty good costume available!

Queen Elizabeth

Last but not least, we lost her Royal Highness this year. A Queen Elizabeth costume would help keep her memory alive and well. We didn’t find this one available in stores, so you’d need to hit the thrift stores. Dno’t forget the Corgies

Queen Elizabeth Costume

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Have a fun & safe Halloween 2022!

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