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Dividing Your Office Space on a Budget


Adhering to a budget is crucial for any successful business – large or small. The budget drives several factors including location, square footage and of course, office furnishings. Here at Office Furniture EZ, we are experts in maximizing office space for function, visual appeal and safety. Here are a few of our pro-tips and office ideas for dividing your office space in a budget-friendly manner.

Team Work Stations

With these stations, workers are usually seated near one another in an open office environment. This is an effective plan for teams that work closely together and have a lot of regular dialogue. Privacy panels (aka partitions) between each employee help to draw boundaries and provide limited personal space. Some downsides may include extra noise and lack of privacy, but this setup may allow for more employees per square foot and easy collaboration.

dividing your office space - team work station

Modular Cubicles

These workspaces are a hybrid of the traditional cubicle and the team or shared workspace. Each workspace is enclosed on 2 or 3 sides while the remaining side(s) stay open.  This layout works well if you have existing walls and rooms as you can place a few associates or teams in smaller spaces. In the model shown below, the desk is formatted for a guest or client to interact with the employee.

dividing your office space on a budget modular cubicles

Individual Panels

Panels are an inexpensive and convenient means of creating individual workspaces. In office spaces of all types of dimensions, existing desks can be placed inside panels to maximize privacy with a small footprint. The use of panels also allows for easy reconfiguration of employee workspace if needed.

Dividing Your Office Space Individual Panels

Against the Wall

Savvy facilities managers can make use of every inch of available space, including inner and outer walls. The wall provides a stable brace for overhead storage components with a lower desk and partial privacy. Workstations near walls can include a wide variety of desks, filing systems and other furniture components. As an added bonus, power sources are generally close by as well.

dividing your office space on a budget desk against a wall


Cubicles come in a huge selection of shapes, sizes, colors, and configurations. They provide employees with personal space, usually on three sides, to conduct their work. Cubicles are the most common solution for companies with a high number of employees and limited space. They are generally available new, re-manufactured (aka refurbished) and used.  In addition, cubicles tend to be very cost effective while requiring a minimal footprint.

dividing office space on a budget cubicles

Quad Desks

These desks place groups of employees into islands throughout the office space and typically include four employees that are seated facing one another. The Quad Desks can be privatized using plastic, fabric or glass panels. This option is effective for small teams or departments. But be aware that noise can be a concern in option.

Dividing Your office space on a budget quad 4 person desk

Hybrid and Quirky

Don’t be afraid to step outside the norm and mix it up. Some organizations like a mixture of workstations including open tables, pods, cubicles and individual panels. Today’s employees are versatile and tend to be more comfortable in a non-traditional setting. Also, a few pieces of strategically placed décor can provide a fresh, open feel while saving money on unnecessary extras.

dividing office space on a budget quirky office   dividing office space on a budget hybrid office

At Office Furniture EZ, we don’t just sell cubicles, desks, and chairs. We partner with you to design and plan the office setting that will best fit your wants and needs. It all starts with our free site survey where we come to your location and discuss what you wish to accomplish. We take careful measurements, note power and lighting sources, and consider LEED Certification, ADA and safety regulations. From there, we’ll provide you with a no-obligation recommendation.

We’ve worked with companies in the Denver Metro area where we’re headquartered, but we also have nationwide capabilities for new offices, upgrades, expansions and more. Put our experience and expertise to work for you!


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