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How to Get Your Boss to Buy You a Standing Desk for Work


You’ve done your research. You want a stand up desk. But how will you convince your boss to buy one for you? Below are some ideas for a strategy to make your case.

Getting the Boss to Buy You a Standing Desk

Start with the benefits of a sit stand desk

A healthy (and happy) employee is something that employers want. Standing desks are said to provide several benefits including improved circulation, increased alertness, reduced back pain and increased energy levels. In addition to the health benefits, a sit to stand desk also allows the employee the flexibility to alternate between sitting and standing throughout the work day – increasing their comfort and productivity.

Getting the Boss to Buy You a Standing Desk

Know the options (what’s what)

Sit Stand desks come in many shapes and sizes. The least expensive model is portable risers you place on a regular desktop (like the Vari-Desk). Your monitor, keyboard, and mouse are then able to be raised and lowered as you like.

EZ Sit Stand Desk Riser

There are also table models that raise and lower either via a manual crank or an electronic system.

Sit Stand Desks

Sit stand desks also come in options for people who have a corner desk or work space.

Corner Electric Height Adjustable Table


Finally, there are full desk models where the unit consists of a regular desk, only the top raises and lowers, including sets that include the desk and matching components.

Height Adjustable Desk With Filing and Storage

Being able to readily discern between the different models will also provide you with additional room for compromise should the first reaction be anything other than a yes.

Provide a few price quotes

Because there are so many different styles of sit-to-stand desks, there are price ranges of low, medium and high. At Office Furniture EZ, we have options ranging from about $250 up to $1350 for an individual standing desk to several thousand dollars for an adjustable desk with a matching storage and file system.

We recommend starting with what you most want, and getting a price quote, but also arm yourself with some additional prices of lesser and maybe greater models. You never know, the boss could say something like, “I’ve been thinking of getting some of these – how much are the full desk models?”

EZ Sit Stand Desk Riser

The right time, place and tone for your request

Timing is crucial when asking the boss for something. Consider making an appointment, or adding it to the agenda of a regular meeting with your supervisor. You want to reduce the risk of interruptions or others overhearing your conversation.

Get right to the point. Start with something like, “I’m interested in altering my work space a bit to make it a little more health conscious.”

Make sure you haven’t recently had a significant “ask”. If you’ve just gotten a new computer, storage cabinet, cushy schedule or other, you’re wise to wait it out a bit.

Come prepared with photos, prices, and statistics. Demonstrate that your request is well thought out and serious.

Be respectful and listen for questions and potential objections.

ask the boss for a sit stand desk

Overcoming potential objections

Your boss may have a few objections to your request for a standing desk. Here are some potential things he or she might say and how you might navigate them.

Boss: If I get you one, everyone will want one and we can’t afford that.

You: I understand that, but these aren’t for everyone. What if we got 2 or 3 and allowed people to try them out to get a feel for the interest level?

Or what if we got one or two for common use? We could set up a station where people could use the desk throughout the day when it wasn’t already occupied?

Boss: What’s wrong with your current desk?

You: I’m trying to lead a healthier lifestyle and I’ve read a lot on how “sitting is the new smoking”. Because I spend 8 hours of my day here, I’d like to have this desk to help me with my circulation, posture, back health, and alertness.

Boss: Is there a medical reason for this request?

You: (If you have a doctor’s note, of course you’d present it). I’m certain it would be something my doctor would endorse. I can ask for a note if that helps.

ask the boss for a stand up desk

If you’re still not getting anywhere, a good tactic is to ask, “Is there anything I can do to change your mind?” or “OK, can I check with you after the new fiscal year and see if it might be a better time then?”

If all else fails, there are some plans for DIY sit stand desks online, but it’s always best to put safety first, so we recommend you keep working on your boss.

Office Furniture EZ has a number of stand up desks available to order online. If you see something you like, call today for a quote or for self-service just place the item in your cart on our site and you’ll see the complete price including tax, delivery/pickup and assembly/ready to assemble. Take a screen shot and you’ll be set with your quote.


If you don’t see what you want, let us know. We have access to a wide network of suppliers so we can probably get it. Good luck with your quest for a stand up desk!


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