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What’s the best kind of stand up desk? 


Get up, stand up! Stand up for your rights! Or in this case, stand up while you work. Stand up desks (also known as sit stand desks or height adjustable tables) are increasing in popularity for a variety of reasons. People want to be healthy. They want options. They want to be comfortable. Employers, of course, want these things for their employees too – but they ultimately want a productive employee – whether he or she is in the office or working from home. 


A stand up desk allows the user to alternate between a traditional seated position with an office chair and a standing position with no chair or with a tall stool or drafting chair. There are 4 kinds of stand-up desks. We’ll explore the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Manual Stand Up Desk

This stand up desk is generally raised and lowered with a hand crank. It does not use electric power to go up and down. The downsides: it may not raise high enough for some users, it’s slow to raise and lower, and it can prove difficult for some users to operate. The upside is that this is one of the cheapest stand up desk models on the market. 

Manual Sit Stand Desk

Electric Stand Up Desk

An electric stand up desk raises and lowers using a button on the desk or a remote control. There are a wide array of makes, models and sizes but overall, the benefits are: easier to operate, quicker to raise and lower, and able to be programmed. Cost can be an issue for some – but at Office Furniture EZ, we offer most items at up to 45% off manufacturer’s suggested price. 

stand up desk

In addition, there are two main kinds of electric stand up desks: two-stage and three-stage. A two-stage desk has two pipes in the leg while the three-stage desk has three. A three-stage sit stand desk can raise faster and higher. In addition, it often can handle a heavier load in a quieter fashion than its two-stage counterpart. 

Height Adjustable Table

Stand Up Desk Converter

This kind of stand up desk is designed to take a standard office or home office desk and convert it into an adjustable model. It holds the user’s monitor, keyboard and mouse and is moved using a lever or weight system. There are many different makes and models. The benefits include cost, convenience, easy set-up and portability. The challenges include: limited space, limited weight and limited height. 

EZ Powered Dual Monitor Sit Stand

Portable or Rolling Stand Up Desks

When you visit your doctor, you may notice that he or she has a rolling desk with a laptop on it used by the medical team. These tall, thin desks on wheels are portable desks (or carts) that are intended to be used while standing. They are ideal if you have a laptop and need to move around a small to medium space. Cost, convenience and ease of use are advantages. Limited weight support, limited height and limited space are challenges. 

Not sure which model is best for you? 

We’re here to help! We have a number of stand up desks set up in our Denver area showroom so you can try before you buy. We’re also happy to assist with questions. If you share a little information regarding the type of equipment you have (computer, number of monitors, other peripherals, and so on) we will make an informed recommendation. At Office Furniture EZ, our goal is to help you find the desk that best fits your body type, work style, and overall comfort.

U-Shaped Stand Up Desk Suite

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