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Benefits of Buying Used Office Cubicles


While that “new cubicle smell” is something that many people might desire, there are multiple benefits to buying used office cubicles to furnish your office space. So, before you rush off to order office furnishings, let’s take a quick look at some of these benefits.  

buying used cubicles

Cost Savings

Used cubicles are the least expensive option in among new, used and remanufactured. Used cubicles are often the result of a company moving out of their current space and no longer having a use for them. Generally, the cubicles are cleaned, checked for needed parts and then made ready for sale.

Quick Setup

When you purchase used cubicles, there’s no waiting time for your order to arrive. The items typically are in-stock and ready to go. The timing depends only on when the cubes can be delivered and set up at their new location. We have a large inventory of used cubicles and we’re seasoned at delivery and setup – so getting your office furnished is EZ!

buying used cubicles

Environmentally Friendly

Reducing a company’s carbon footprint is always a plus. Reusing cubicles saves a variety of components from being wasted. This can include everything from metals, fabric, plastic and more.

buying used cubicles

Try Before You Buy

Used cubicles are often set up in a dealer’s showroom or warehouse so that you can visit in person to inspect them. Visiting a showroom will help give you a true impression of what you’re getting – including fabric, dimensions, and components.

buying used cubicles

Inspected, Clean and Reliable

Before we ever consider selling used cubicles, they are carefully inspected to ensure that all parts and structural components are present and that necessary adjustments are made. We also have over a decade of experience in new and used furniture and safety is always our primary concern. Lastly, cubicles are deep cleaned so that there are very few, if any, signs of prior use.

buying used cubicles

Top Brands for Less

We offer many of the top brands of used cubicles – but at a considerable discount from the price of new inventory. This enables our customers to buy higher-quality units for less. While our selection varies throughout the year, it generally includes names such as Herman Miller, Haworth, and Steelcase.

office cubicle used

If you’re in the market for office cubicles, consider buying used. And remember, our job is to make it EZ from concept to install. Get started by requesting a free site survey! In addition to used cubicles, we offer pre-owned chairs, tables, files, and storage. Visit our used furniture page to see the current selection. Need to brush up on the terminology used when buying cubicles? Visit our cubicles page to learn about sizes, components and more.

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