Sustainable 2-Pod #2

Sustainable, Remaufactured Cubicles

Save Big With Our Sustainable Series Workstations!

Our Green Solution: For those more budget or environmentally minded, our Sustainable, Remaufactured Cubicles save money and the environment. Remanufactured stations are typically 40% off the new price, although they are held to the same standards of quality and durability. With our sustainable panel system options, we remanufacture three core components, the panel core, connector core and overhead core. Everything else is new! Enjoy flexibility and expandability with these Best Value, sustainable, cubes. Just getting pricing? We invite you to get a quote & bring it to us for comparison.


  • Provide a modern look with low panels, open or freestanding layouts, or, create a traditional workspace with full or partial privacy.
  • Panels range from 32″ – 107″ and all the storage options & accessories you could want are available.
  • Incorporate large, managerial cubes with tall walls and save time and money over creating hard wall offices. You can even have locking doors!
  • We’ll Help With The Design & Space Planning At No Charge!
  • It’s all made in the USA.
  • A large selection of fabrics, laminates & trim finishes – all standard!

How to Get Started

  • Call now – 720-226-5014 – with questions or to set up a free, no obligation, professional space planning and/or a free site survey. We’re experts and can help you make the most of your space by maximizing associate density while maintaining optimal productivity.
  • Use LiveChat, or, if we are on a break, leave a message on Chat.
  • Send an email to –

And, or course, delivery, installation, electrical and data services are also available – anywhere in the U.S.A.

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